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Is it safe to shop online?

From 1998 onwards, I’ve occasionally bought something online, from stores all around the world. Hotel rooms from Booking.com, authentic perfume and make up for my girls from Strawberrynet.com, excellent and reasonably priced women’s underwear and swimsuits from Australian WickedWeasel.com, often from eBay.com, sometimes from Amazon.com. And I’ve never had any problems with any of those stores. Why? Simply because they are all large stores that value their reputation and have good prices and well-structured logistics.

In general, online shopping is fast, savvy and convenient – you don’t need to go anywhere and can simply compare and choose goods in the comfort of your home. Online retailers will even deliver them to you. Internet stores don’t need to pay pricy rent or wages to multiple employees, they are not tied to a particular area and can work practically anywhere in the world – all of it means better prices. So why are so many people still so afraid to shop online? There are a few reasons.

Many people simply don’t know how (especially those of the older generation) Many people can’t speak the necessary foreign language People are afraid of the unknown, and as long as they’ve got no experience, online shopping remains an area of the unknown. What if they trick me? What if they sell me a poor-quality product?

The first two reasons aren’t as valid anymore since almost every popular online store in the world now has an interface so simple you can make a purchase with just a few clicks. Also, most large online shopping platforms are equipped with customer support services that are ready to help 24/7.

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Many cashback platform users don’t even know other services exist and miss out on higher rates and better conditions. Often the popular services are the ones that give lower cash back.

How can I choose a good reliable high quality cashback service?

It goes without saying you shouldn’t let high rates make you lose your reason since smaller cashback services can limit the type of purchase they give cashback for, take ages to process payments or take a large commission for money withdrawal. Plain fraud happens as well. For example, you may not get any money after applying for a withdraw while the status will say “paid”.

Thus, you need to be careful when choosing a cashback service. It’s better to get 1-2% lower rates but to be sure you will get it. Check out the rating and the top services on CashbackHunter.com. You can also use the service to see what cashback platform gives the highest cashback rates for a particular store.

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Many people have been successfully using cashback services or popular banks’ Visa/MasterCard cards with cashback when shopping online domestically and internationally for a long time now. But not all services offer good rates and conditions.

How can I find high cashback rates?

Use a cashback rating platform CashbackHunter.com to get higher cashback for your shopping and get back as much money as possible.

CashbackHunter will provide you with promo codes and coupons to get higher cashback on popular platforms. You can also use it to compare rates from different services, read feedback, ask a question and discuss it with other users.

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As the saying goes, you can usually find free cheese in the mouse trap. That is to say usually, but not always, cashback services only offer high rates to lure users in. The promised high rates will be paid for the first purchase or for the first couple of weeks, but then the user will go back to gainless rates just to save up enough cashback to withdraw the money.

What cashback platforms give the most cashback?

Go to CashbackHunter.com to compare and choose cash back platforms by their rates – it is the top cashback service rating. Don’t chase the highest rates and choose a more popular and reliable platform instead not to miss out on your future savings.

In a nutshell, the lower the service in the rating, the more problems it has, while top 5 platforms won’t have any pitfalls, as proven by feedback of thousands of satisfied customers.

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Choosing a cashback platform should take a considerable amount of time and effort since a lot of services online are not what they claim to be. You can find plenty of cashback platforms on the Internet, but not all of them are reliable. Here’s a list of problems to look out for:

Unassigned cashback (when you have made the purchase, but haven’t received the cash back). High minimum withdrawal amount (when you need to spend $200-300 before you can withdraw any money). High withdrawal commission (often when withdrawing via Visa/MasterCard). Delayed payments (when cashback is processed for 3-4 months on end). Stated cashback is different from the actual cashback (and usually smaller). Some portals will list withdrawal options they don’t actually have. Sometimes after making a purchase the platform will inform of the assigned cashback, but it hasn’t actually been transferred. Tech support may ignore questions and requests for days or weeks. Your account may be blocked, deleted or zeroed out without giving a reason. A large cashback is paid for the first few purchases, then the rate if lowered 2-3 times and minimum withdrawal amount is requested. A user is lured in by high cashback rates, the service makes the first few payments and then ignores the user. The rates are very low as the service takes most of the cashback. How do fraudulent cashback services attract customers?

Most often fraudulent cash back services will advertise high cashback rates and promise mountains and marvels, but those promises have nothing to do with the reality. That’s why it’s more reasonable to choose a popular reliable platform even if their rates are 1-2% lower. With such service you won’t have any problem getting and withdrawing your cashback.

How can I choose a good cashback service?

You can choose a high-quality service by using cashback service rating, reading feedback and comparing cashback rates at CashbackHunter.com.

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Unfortunately, some shady cashback services have given ground to many rumors about all such services being unreliable frauds.

However, that cannot be further from the truth. Cashback portals actually work – they can help you save and make money while shopping online. Essentially, it’s the same as shopping with a discount, only the discount is received in form of actual money after your purchase arrives.

Where does cashback come from and who pays the money?

It’s very simple! It’s no mystery to many people that coupon websites make lots of money advertising companies and offer decent discounts at the same time. Cash back services work in the same way, with one exception: you get some cash back as well as coupons and promo codes!

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A lot of people have trouble understanding how cashback sites stay profitable and make their money. It’s quite simple. Online stores are interested in new customers and they have come up with a new clever way to boost their sales.

Back in the day online stores used discounts, coupons and promo codes to attract customers, the current latest trend is offering cashback. Essentially, it’s still a discount, but you get it after the purchase instead of before, and you also get it in cash. This cashback isn’t paid to customers directly, but is transferred to a cashback platform that charges a commission for its services and gives part of the cash back to its users.

How much do cashback platforms make? On average they give away 40% to 70% of the money they receive from the online stores. Thus, a cashback platform that has, say, about 3000 active users will bring its owner about $27,000 a month. And the more users you have – the more money you make.

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Turns out, anyone can make decent money with a cashback service by simply telling their friends about it or promoting it on their social media, blogs or a YouTube channel. Let’s look into more detail on how you can make money with cashback services:

Most cashback sites have affiliate programs (Refer-a-Friend). By bringing in new users you can get part of their cashback or a fixed payment. On average bringing in a new active user is rewarded with either a $5 to $20 bonus or 5% to 20% of that user’s cashback for as long as they keep shopping with the platform. You can see and compare all affiliate programs of cashback websites and services here: cashback platforms’ affiliate programs rating. Surely, you can simply keep receiving cashback from online stores while saving on your shopping. You can also become a retailer, ordering goods from foreign internet stores for those who don’t know how to do it (turns out, there are still plenty of people unfamiliar with online shopping). You can then receive cashback from their shopping while charging them the whole price (even fewer people are aware of what cashback is). There is another trick used by a few cash back websites, such as SecretDiscounter. They allow you to copy a link to an online store and simply give it to people that were going to shop there. You will then receive cashback off those people’s purchases. How can you use your money by letting it go through a cash back service and make some more money out of it? One of the ways is by using loan offers that will give you cashback for taking out a loan or registering a credit card. You can then promptly return the loan a few days after taking it and keep the cashback.

Also, some cashback services have offers from online stores that give a fixed cashback in the amount similar to a minimal purchase. Another option, you may get cashback for installing different mobile apps. This way, you don’t need to spend any of your own money and make a little bit off every download.

And finally, why make money with someone else’s cashback service if you can make your own with only $2000 to $10000 of investment and start making money out of thin air? How much can you make with cashback service’s affiliate programs?

Everything depends on the conditions of the program, the number of users you attract and the amount of cashback those users receive. Let’s say a service pays $5 for every user you bring in. This way, attracting 500 people will get you $2,500.

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There is a number of reasons why it may have happened, here are a few main ones:

Your computer’s anti-virus may be blocking your cashback link that needs to be used to get cashback. Some add-ons like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and similar extensions, plug-ins and browser apps may block cashback transfer (usually such plug-ins are used to automatically block and delete banner and other ads from websites). Sometimes cashback will not be assigned in case the browser’s cookie support is switched off (it is normally on by default). While placing an order you used a different bonus program, clicked on a coupon from a side website or clicked a link from a different site or cashback service. We recommend closing all side websites and open the store’s website ONLY with a link from your cashback platform before proceeding to shopping. You accessed the store from the cashback platform but completed your order on your phone. Sometimes cash back will not be assigned if you put goods into your shopping cart first, and then went to the store’s web page from your cashback platform or you had placed the order before and it was awaiting payment. While placing an order you had other sites containing banner ads opened in another tab. Some clever websites may activate their own cashback or affiliate links upon opening, which means they will get your money. Cashback is activated when you access the store’s website from the cashback platform, but it may have a limited working period. After activating cashback, a session is opened that may be saved within one browser session (i.e. until you close the tab or the browser) or for a longer period in Cookie files (1-30 days on average).

This information isn’t easily accessible, and the time you have for completing your shopping with cashback isn’t specified and depends on the store. This way sometimes after 5-10 minutes of browsing or reading the product description (without leaving the store’s page) or going for a quick smoke you may find yourself losing the cashback.

Many of you may have noticed that it only takes a few minutes of being inactive to be kicked out from Aliexpress.com, which means the store will automatically log you out if you weren’t active for a while.

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