ExtraBux.com – cashback service review

ExtraBux.com is one of the few cashback services that comes in a multitude of languages. At the moment they are available in English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

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Firstly, it is a very large platform with hundreds of thousands of registered users and over 2500 online stores. The service offers a registration bonus and good cashback rates.

The project set off in 2006, founded by Jeff Nobbs.

Advantages of Extrabux

  • comparatively good cashback rates
  • many online stores with cashback (over 2500)
  • $5 registration bonus
  • coupons for discounts at online stores
  • Google Chrome extension
  • affiliate program ($5 per friend you bring in + 5% of each referral’s cashback for a year after they sign up)

Disadvantages of ExtraBux

  • few cashback withdrawal options (only PayPal and a bank cheque)
  • $10 minimal withdrawal amount
  • no mobile app (but may appear in the future)
  • no extensions for other web browsers
  • the site isn’t adapted for mobile devices, but works well

The site’s function set looks laconic and is not hard to get a hang of, but developers should consider updating its design.

As for cashback and withdrawing it, we found no drawbacks. ExtraBux is reliable, works well, cashback is assigned as promised and is easy and fast to withdraw.

That’s what ExtraBux’s website traffic looks like

Extrabux visitors

Extrabux.com website is visited by over 1.7 mln users a month, mostly from the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany and some from Russia.

Extrabux.com cash withdraw options

Here’s how you can withdraw your cash from ExtraBux cashback service:

  • PayPal (USD) (from 10$)
  • bank cheque by mail (only for the USA users, from 10$)
  • can be donated to charity

Minimal withdrawal amount starts from 10$, 5$ of which is your registration bonus.

How to sign up on Extrabux.com?

Open https://extrabux.com and click Join for Free(in the top right corner of the page)

Little tip:you can choose the language in the top left corner of the page

Extrabux registration

A registration form will appear where you need to put down your email, choose a password and confirm it, then click Sign up for ExtraBux.

Little tip: for a faster registration join via a social network (Facebook or others) and get signed up in one click.

Extrabux sign up

After clicking Sign up for Extrabux you will see a new registration form, this time asking to put in a code from a captcha (a picture) if it doesn’t show up the first time.

Put in the information needed (password, confirmation and captcha), then click Sign up for Extrabux.

That’s it, registration on Extrabux.com is completed, now you can proceed to making your purchases and getting back part of the money you spend (cash back)

By the way, after you sign up you will receive a 5$ registration bonus that will be displayed in the top of the page in the Your Cashback section.

Note: You don’t need to confirm your email after you sign up, but please check your inbox just in case, you may have to follow a link to confirm registration and create an account.

How to get cashback at Extrabux.com?

Go to Extrabux.com and log in by clicking the Log in button in the top right corner, then put in your login (email) and password and click Log in below.

Extrabux login

Then choose the store where you’d like to shop with cashback.

You can find the store you need by using the search in the top left corner of the page or choose from the 2500 shops in the catalogue in the Stores section in the top of the page. The stores can be sorted alphabetically, by categories or cashback rates.

To activate cashback click the long Start Shopping button (next to the store of your choice). Alternatively, click the store’s logo to be redirected to that store’s information page and click Start Shopping there, you will then be sent to the store’s official website.

By the way, you may click the name of the store or View Coupons button to see the detailed information about the store.

Cashback will be activated automatically after you access the shop’s website, you may then proceed to shop as usual, except this time with cashback.

Extrabux stores

Normally, your cashback will be displayed in the ExtraBux statistics within a few minutes (possibly a few hours) after you pay for your order, then it will automatically get Pending status which means your cashback is being processed.

Cashback will be available for withdraw in 1-40 days after your order from the online store arrives (its status will be changed to Payable).

Cashback processing times may vary and depend on the online store you choose.

Cashback payment statistics will be displayed in the My Purchases section (in the pop-down menu of the account menu on the right) and looks like this:

Extrabux Purchases


Withdrawing cash from ExtraBux

Withdrawing cash from ExtraBux becomes available as soon as you have $10 in your account. You can get the money via PayPal (in USD regardless of your country of residence) or receive as a cheque in the mail (only for USA residents).

Before withdrawing your cashback from Extrabux.com you'll need to choose the withdrawal option and save your info:

  1. go to Settings(in the pop-down menu on the right) and click any of the withdrawal optionsExtrabux payments
  2. choose Send in the menu that appears to receive an identity confirmation code by emailExtrabux send
  3. open your email, copy the confirmation code and put it in the according box on the cashback platform’s website, then click Confirm
  4. choose cash withdrawal option and put in your information, then click Save Changes.

Now let’s get back to withdrawing cashback. Click Request a Payment (in My Purchases section of the pop-down account menu), a window will open where you will need to check the information you have put in and press Send My Earnings.

All the saved up cashback will then be transferred to the account of your choice within 1-5 working days (often faster).

Note: after you apply for money withdrawal, cashback will be assigned Processing status, and after the payment is compete that status will change to Paid. Unfortunately, however, payment history will only be displayed once, immediately after you send the application.

Extrabux plug-ins, add-ons and extensions for different browsers

ExtraBux cashback platform has got a very user-friendly extension for Google Chrome that will help you receive cashback automatically when shopping online.

What’s more, the plug-in will make finding a particular online store with cashback or a particular product much easier and faster with the search bar in the top on the page.

To install the extension go to Browser Extensions (in the footer of any page of the website) and click Add ExtraBux to Chrome.

Extrabux Browser Extensions

Affiliate program at ExtraBux cashback service

With ExtraBux cash back service you can make money while your friends do their shopping: +$5 for every user you bring in and +5% of their cashback during an entire first year after their registration.

To invite friends, simply go to your ExtraBux account and post a link to Extrabux.com on your social media (you can later take a referral link from the post, but we are not sure if you can share it again later and on a different social network, it may not be allowed by the website and the platform may block your account).

All users that will follow your link to ExtraBux cashback service will automatically become your referrals and you will be assigned 5$ per person after they start getting cashback.

Also, within the first year of your referral’s registration you will receive +5% from all his cashback.

You can make the repost in the Invite Friends section (in the top right area of the site or in the pop-down menu also to the right, also in the bottom of any page of the website).

Extrabux affiliate program

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