How to Cancel an Order on AliExpress

Different things happen – sometimes we are too quick to order something we don’t really need or we may later find exactly the same product at a lower price. It shouldn’t be a problem to cancel an order you’ve already made. However, there are some nuances.

First thing you need to understand is that the fact that you made a mistake while placing an order is not the store’s responsibility. They are looking to make profit, not refunds. Which leads us to, you must be very quick to react to your mistake and notify the seller as soon as possible in case you wish to cancel an order.


Let’s say you ordered something by mistake. What you need to do is go to your profile and find the cancel button opposite the order. It will soon no longer be available, so act quickly. A store has 24 hours to process an order – this is the time you have to make any changes. After that the option will no longer be available.

After you press the button, the site will ask you the reason for canceling and offer a few options to choose from. You can simply choose to say that you no longer need the item in question. Otherwise you are free to select the option that best explains your reason for canceling.

You will not receive your money back right away, but it will happen later on. A refund may take up to a week, unless the seller acts quicker – so much is a question of luck.

What if the Order Has Already Been Shipped?

In case your order has already been shipped, you no longer have an opportunity to receive your money back. What you can do now is start a dispute after you receive the package. You state that the goods don’t meet your expectations and you would like to get a refund. Aliexpress will notify you that you may be asked to pay for shipping. When asked to select the reason for the refund, say that the product was ordered by mistake. Don’t forget to put in the sum of the refund.

Then we wait for the answer from the seller – he must approve the refund. He may refuse, in which case the site will not give you the money back. That is why it’s important to be proactive – get in touch with the seller as soon as possible, explain the situation, be polite and promise to be a loyal customer in future if he lets you return this one item this one time. However, you must be ready to pay for shipment. As you can tell, some expenses are inevitable, so it’s advisable not to make any hasty orders.

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