How to restore your account on AliExpress?

A terrible and ridiculous thing happened: I got blocked on Aliexpress!!! Aliexpress notified me, "your account has been deactivated due to abusing the buyer protection programs". A question immediately pops up in my head: how to unlock an account on Aliexpress?

Me, who bought hundreds of products from them, brought thousands of customers, gave everyone advice on how to properly shop on Aliexpress!!! And there you go — account disabled! That hurts, you know?

Especially because I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING I could be blocked for! How to restore an account on aliexpress after it has been blocked? Let's figure it out...

Of course, if you REALLY committed fraud on Aliexpress, deceived sellers, then I'll say it straight: SERVES YOU RIGHT! Because of people like you, Aliexpress got mad and law-abiding shoppers like me get caught in the fire!

Knowing my innocence, I decided not to give up and fight for my blocked account (although I could just create a new one).

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What to do if your AliExpress account got blocked?

First, I started to write in the ONLINE CHAT on ALIEXPRESS, where you can really communicate with the support service:

Aliexpress inline chat

You will be connected to a BOT, but you can tell it that you want to talk with a REAL PERSON and it will transfer you to the operator. I described my situation, they sympathized with me and said: sorry, buddy, but we can't help, the security service and we are different departments, we can't control their actions and it's IMPOSSIBLE to contact them via a chat.

So you don't need to siege the chat, call Aliexpress, everything is actually much easier

If you have been banned on Aliexpress, this does not mean that you will not be able to visit the site at all, on the contrary, you will even be able to log in to your account and see your orders, but such actions as making new orders, rating sellers and many more will be blocked for you. If you try to click on many links, you will get a message that your account is blocked.

To start unblocking, you need to click on the first (top) link.

Aliexpress account reactivation

Next, you will be asked a question: have you ever opened a dispute on Aliexpress? I checked my account and remembered that the last time I had a dispute with a seller was a whole year ago, I won it, because the seller simply did not send me the product. I sent a screenshot to prove that I haven't opened any disputes recently.

I sent this message every day, got rejected twice and today it finally happened (apparently they got pretty tired of me) — I GOT UNBLOCKED.

Why did your account on AliExpress get blocked?

In conclusion, I want to briefly discuss this issue, why can you get blocked on Aliexpress? The reason is usually the same: a seller complained about you, I'm guessing sellers got a REPORT button and they began to actively use it. Such harsh measures were most likely introduced due to the widespread deception of sellers by Russian buyers who love freebies.

I was most likely blocked, because I ordered a product and then canceled it within five minutes.

All the other times I honestly ordered, paid for and received my orders. What conclusion can we make? Don't anger the sellers, be friends with them, communicate well, give them 5 stars and then they will be nice back. In general, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

And that's how to unlock your AliExpress account. I managed to do it successfully, which means it will work for you, if you are a GOOD and HONEST buyer.

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