How to scan a QR code in the Aliexpress app?

When shopping on Aliexpress from a computer, you may have noticed that the same products are a little cheaper on the mobile app . QR code was invented for quick and convenient product search. How can you scan a QR code on the AliExpress mobile app?

What do we do with a QR code on Aliexpress?

What is this code for? What is its use on Aliexpress? As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can use it for quick product search.

If you have been shopping on the Chinese online market for a while, you probably know how difficult it is sometimes to find the right product with positive reviews at a good price.

Let's say you discovered a very good product on Aliexpress. It took you a long time to find it: you searched what you needed, you compared prices from different sellers, you looked at reviews for each product, etc. It has already taken a lot of time and effort, but finally the product has been selected and then you find out that it is $3 CHEAPER on the mobile app!

Of course, we customers are interested in profitable shopping and everyone wants to get the maximum discount. So you grab your smartphone and search for this product again... And here's the problem, it's pretty hard to find THIS EXACT item.

This is where the QR code, which can be easily scanned on the Aliexpress mobile app, will come in handy.

How to scan a QR code in the Aliexpress app?

Open the app on your smartphone and tap the camera icon in the top right corner:

When you click on it, your phone's camera will open automatically. Select the QR code icon at the bottom and point the camera at the code on the computer screen:

The app will open the page of the exact same item you scanned.

That's how you can find the right product using a QR code on Aliexpress quickly and conveniently. You can also use image search to find the product you want. If you have any questions about this topic, write them in the comments, we always answer.

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