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PetSmart: A Comprehensive Overview of the Company, Website, History, Key Features, and Competitors

PetSmart is a leading pet retailer in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, offering a wide range of pet products, services, and solutions. The company is known for its extensive product selection, competitive prices, and commitment to improving the lives of pets and their owners. In this article, we will delve into PetSmart's history, website, key features, and competitors, providing a thorough understanding of the company's position in the pet retail industry.

The Founding of PetSmart

PetSmart was founded in 1986 by Jim and Janice Dougherty, who recognized a need for a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for pet owners. They envisioned a store that offered not only a vast array of pet products but also services and solutions to help pet owners care for their pets. With this vision in mind, they opened the first PetSmart store in Phoenix, Arizona. The store's success quickly led to the opening of additional locations, and PetSmart soon became a prominent player in the pet retail industry.

PetSmart's Growth and Expansion

Throughout the years, PetSmart has experienced significant growth and expansion, driven by the company's dedication to providing an extensive selection of pet products, services, and solutions. By 1993, PetSmart had opened its 50th store and expanded to Canada, further solidifying its presence in the pet retail market. Today, PetSmart operates over 1,650 stores across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, making it the largest pet retailer in North America.

The PetSmart Website: A Comprehensive Resource for Pet Owners

The PetSmart website serves as a comprehensive resource for pet owners, offering a wide range of products, services, and helpful information. Key features of the website include:

  1. Extensive product selection: The PetSmart website offers thousands of products for pets, including food, treats, toys, bedding, and accessories, making it a one-stop-shop for pet owners.
  2. Online shopping: Customers can conveniently browse and purchase products on the PetSmart website, with the option for in-store pickup or home delivery.
  3. Services and solutions: The website provides information about the various services and solutions offered by PetSmart, such as grooming, training, pet adoption, and veterinary care.
  4. Pet care resources: The PetSmart website offers a wealth of pet care resources, including articles, videos, and expert advice, to help pet owners care for their pets.
  5. PetSmart Treats loyalty program: PetSmart's customer loyalty program, PetSmart Treats, allows customers to earn points on their purchases, redeemable for discounts and rewards. The website provides information about the program and allows customers to sign up and manage their accounts.

PetSmart's Commitment to Pets and Their Owners

PetSmart is dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their owners by offering a wide range of high-quality products, services, and solutions. The company focuses on providing exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff, and competitive prices to ensure a positive shopping experience for pet owners.

PetSmart's Charitable Efforts and Community Involvement

PetSmart is committed to giving back to the communities it serves through various charitable initiatives and partnerships, focusing primarily on pet adoption and animal welfare. The company's charitable efforts include:

1. PetSmart Charities: PetSmart established PetSmart Charities, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting animal welfare and promoting pet adoption. The organization has helped save the lives of millions of pets by partnering with local shelters and rescue organizations to facilitate pet adoptions.

2. In-store adoption events: PetSmart hosts regular in-store adoption events, connecting prospective pet owners with adoptable animals from local shelters and rescue groups. These events help to raise awareness about pet adoption and find loving homes for animals in need.

3. PetSmart Gives Back: The company's PetSmart Gives Back program supports local community initiatives and organizations, focusing on areas such as pet therapy, service animals, and disaster relief.

4. Donations and sponsorships: PetSmart actively supports various animal welfare organizations, providing monetary donations and sponsorships to help fund essential programs and services.

PetSmart's Key Competitors

PetSmart faces competition from a variety of pet retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online. Some of its key competitors include:

  1. Petco: Petco is a leading pet retailer in the United States, offering a wide range of pet products and services. Petco operates over 1,500 stores across the country, making it one of PetSmart's primary competitors in the pet retail market.
  2. Chewy is a popular online pet retailer, known for its vast product selection, competitive prices, and convenient home delivery options. As more consumers turn to online shopping for pet supplies, Chewy poses a significant challenge to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers like PetSmart.
  3. Independent pet stores: PetSmart also faces competition from smaller, independent pet stores, which often focus on niche markets, specialized products, and personalized customer service.

Strategies for Success and Differentiation

To maintain its competitive edge, PetSmart employs several strategies to set itself apart from its competitors:

  1. Wide product selection: PetSmart offers an extensive selection of pet products, ensuring that pet owners can find everything they need in one convenient location.
  2. Comprehensive services and solutions: The company provides a variety of services and solutions for pets and their owners, including grooming, training, pet adoption, and veterinary care. This focus on providing a complete pet care experience helps to differentiate PetSmart from its competitors.
  3. Charitable initiatives: PetSmart's commitment to giving back to the communities it serves and supporting animal welfare initiatives helps to build goodwill and brand loyalty among customers.
  4. Omni-channel retail strategy: PetSmart's integration of its online and in-store shopping experiences allows the company to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of its customers, providing added convenience and accessibility.

Future Prospects and Challenges

As the pet retail industry continues to evolve, PetSmart must adapt to stay ahead of its competitors and cater to the changing preferences of pet owners. Key challenges and opportunities for the company include:

  1. Expanding e-commerce capabilities: With the increasing popularity of online shopping for pet supplies, PetSmart must continue to develop and enhance its e-commerce platform to remain competitive with online retailers like
  2. Focus on sustainability: As consumers become more environmentally conscious, PetSmart should explore opportunities to adopt sustainable practices in its operations, such as offering eco-friendly products and minimizing waste.
  3. Personalized customer experiences: PetSmart can leverage technology and customer data to create personalized shopping experiences, both online and in-store, to strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales.

Our Conclusion

PetSmart has successfully established itself as a leader in the pet retail industry by offering a comprehensive range of pet products, services, and solutions. The company's dedication to improving the lives of pets and their owners, combined with its effective strategies for differentiation, has contributed to its success and growth. To maintain its market position and continue to thrive, PetSmart must embrace e-commerce expansion, sustainability initiatives, and personalized customer experiences to stay ahead of its competitors and cater to the ever-changing needs of pet owners.

The Ultimate Guide to PetSmart Cashback: Company, Web Store, and More

PetSmart is a popular retail chain specializing in pet supplies, services, and solutions for pet parents. From high-quality pet food and treats to toys, grooming products, and even pet adoption services, PetSmart offers a wide range of products and services for your furry, feathered, or scaly friends. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss all possible ways to get cash back from PetSmart and their web store, as well as the most popular products bought at PetSmart. Read on to learn more about PetSmart cashback, PetSmart cash back, and how you can save on your next visit to this beloved pet store.

What is PetSmart Cash Back?

PetSmart cash back refers to the money or rewards you can earn when making purchases at PetSmart or their web store. There are several ways to earn cash back from PetSmart, including taking advantage of promotions and discounts, using cash back credit cards, shopping through cash back websites, and participating in rewards programs. In this guide, we will cover each of these methods in detail, helping you maximize your PetSmart cashback earnings.

How does PetSmart Cashback Work?

PetSmart cashback works through various methods, such as promotions and discounts, cash back credit cards, cash back websites, and rewards programs. Each of these methods allows you to earn a percentage of your spending back as cash or rewards, which can be redeemed for future purchases or other benefits. By taking advantage of these cash back opportunities, you can save on your PetSmart purchases and earn valuable rewards.

How to get Cashback from PetSmart?

There are several ways to get cash back from PetSmart, including:

a. PetSmart Promotions and Discounts: Save on Pet Supplies and Services

b. PetSmart Treats™ Rewards Program: Earn Points for Every Purchase

c. Cash Back Credit Cards: Maximize Your PetSmart Cash Back Earnings

d. Online Cash Back Portals: Earn PetSmart Cashback on Web Store Purchases

e. Cashback Monitor: Compare Cash Back Rates for PetSmart

f. PetSmart Gift Cards: Earn Cash Back through Retailer Programs

In the following sections, we will discuss each of these methods in detail, helping you understand how to get cashback from PetSmart and maximize your savings.

How to use PetSmart Cashback?

Using your PetSmart cashback is simple and straightforward. Once you've earned cash back through one of the methods discussed in this guide, you can redeem your rewards for various benefits, such as discounts on future purchases, gift cards, or even cash payouts. Each cashback method may have different redemption options and requirements, so be sure to review the terms and conditions of each program to ensure you're using your PetSmart cashback effectively.

PetSmart Cash Back Calculator

A PetSmart cash back calculator is a helpful tool that can help you estimate your potential cashback earnings based on your spending habits at PetSmart. To use a PetSmart cash back calculator, simply input the amount you plan to spend at PetSmart and the cash back rate offered by your chosen method (such as a cash back credit card or cash back website). The calculator will then provide an estimate of how much cash back you can expect to earn. Keep in mind that actual cash back earnings may vary depending on various factors, such as specific promotions, discounts, or rewards program terms.

Best Cashback Websites and Best Cashback Site for PetSmart

There are several cashback websites that offer PetSmart cash back, allowing you to earn rewards on your web store purchases. Some of the best cashback websites for PetSmart include Rakuten, TopCashback, and Each of these websites provides cash back or rebates for your online purchases, including those made on the PetSmart web store. To get started, sign up for a cash back website, find PetSmart in their list of merchants, and click through to the PetSmart web store using their special tracking link. You'll then receive cash back on your purchase, which can be redeemed as cash or gift cards.

Tips to Guarantee PetSmart Cashback

To ensure that you successfully earn PetSmart cashback on your purchases, follow these tips:

a. Always use the appropriate tracking link when shopping through cash back websites.

b. Clear your browser cookies before clicking through a cash back website to avoid tracking issues.

c. Double-check that your cash back credit card is offering a cash back rate for PetSmart purchases before using it.

d. Keep track of your cash back earnings and redemption options to make the most of your rewards.

e. Monitor cash back websites and promotions regularly to stay informed about the latest deals and offers.

The Most Famous Cashback Comparison Sites

There are several cashback comparison sites available that can help you find the best cash back rates for your online purchases, including those made at PetSmart. These websites compare cash back rates from various cash back portals, ensuring you get the best deal possible. Some of the most famous cashback comparison sites include:



c. (Cashback Monitor)


e. (Cashback Watch)

f. (Cash Reporter)




By using these cashback comparison sites, you can quickly and easily find the best cashback rates for PetSmart and other online retailers, helping you maximize your cashback earnings.

Most Popular Products Bought at PetSmart: Top Picks for Pet Parents

Now that you know the various ways to earn PetSmart cashback and cash back rewards, it's time to explore the most popular products bought at PetSmart. By indulging in these top-selling items, you can make the most of your cash back earnings and treat your beloved pets to the best products and services:

a. Pet Food and Treats: High-quality food and treats from brands like Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, and Hill's Science Diet.

b. Pet Toys: Interactive and engaging toys from popular brands such as Kong, Chuckit!, and Outward Hound.

c. Grooming Products: Shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and other grooming essentials to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

d. Pet Beds and Furniture: Comfortable and stylish beds, crates, and cat trees for your pet's relaxation and entertainment.

e. Training and Behavior Aids: Tools and resources to help you train and manage your pet's behavior, including clickers, harnesses, and calming aids.

And One More Thing...

In conclusion, there are several ways to earn PetSmart cashback and cash back rewards from the company and their web store. By taking advantage of PetSmart promotions and discounts, joining the PetSmart Treats™ rewards program, using cash back credit cards, shopping through online cash back portals like, utilizing Cashback Monitor to compare cash back rates, and purchasing gift cards through cash back retailers, you can save on your PetSmart purchases and earn valuable rewards. Don't forget to try out the most popular products bought at PetSmart to make the most of your cash back earnings and treat your pets to the best products and services. With these strategies in place, you can enjoy great savings while providing the best care for your beloved pets.

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PetSmart Retailer Rating

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Last PetSmart Reviews from Trustpilot

Natural One
Grooming Joy

Recently brought Rover in for bath & trim+. All went well and he was very pleased with his adventure. One of the senior members of the Grooming staff provided useful information on a detail of specific relevance to the breed. Appreciate the meaningful care and learning.

A sales rep named Star

A sales rep named Star, was incredibly informative and helpful!!!! I very much appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the Peterborough Ontario Petsmart!! Love to shop here!!!

Treats Ordered Online

I ordered treats online (buy one get one free) which was delivered by Doordash. My order arrived the same day & well before the scheduled time. I was very impressed with the service. The only downside would be that I neither heard the doorbell ring nor a knock on the door to notify me that my order had been delivered. I was in the house all day so not sure what happened?

Steve Bartha
Orange, CT Store

I was looking for a electronic training collar. "Tyler" or "Justin" I think in Orange CT. helped me. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and explained a lot about the product and how it worked. i was very happy with my shopping experience.

Linda Paist
Great Puppy Training for both dog & Owner

Our 6 month old puppy, Maggie, just completed the first 6 week puppy training class at the Surprise location. We are registered for the next level of 6 weeks. Our trainer, Nicole Knisely, is amazing! Maggie loves Nicole. Nicole explains well what both Owners and pets need to learn and ho wrest to achieve the desired results. She is professional and compassionate trainer. Kudos to Petsmart ! We were pleasantly surprised at the caliber of the puppy training classes. We are very happy that we signed up for the second session.

always get my dogs essentials here

always get my dogs essentials here, especially canned food

Lisa Duggan
I had my scottie groomed at mapleview…

I had my scottie groomed at mapleview location by a lady named Samantha.. she did an awesome job of turning a 7month old buster puppy into a beautiful young Scottish terrier. You did a great job.

Maddie and Char

Maddie, did a wonderful job grooming our Labradoodle, Winston! Walter, had his 1st groom by Char, she did everything we asked for. I would highly recommend Petsmart for all of your grooming needs:)

Robin Ehnrs
Educated professional reasonable prices…

Educated professional reasonable prices and great service and care for my pets I recommend them to anyone

Pegi Davis
Credits without receipt (dog ate it!)

We'd purchased a crate pad for a new large puppy but it didn't fit the crate we borrowed. Our dog ate the receipt and the tag off the pad. Our local PetSmart was able to identify the sale based on our "frequent buyer" / "Loyalty" number and gave us a full credit back. It took minutes to find the receipt and apply the credit. They were awesome! Love taking our pet to the store and walking around. They've helped care for three dogs now. Won't go anywhere else.

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