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What is Trendy Butler Cash Back?

Though Trendy Butler already offers highly discounted products, it’s always good to have additional cost-saving opportunities, right? That’s what you can get with Trendy Butler cashback – a system of returning a certain percentage from your purchases at Trendy Butler to your wallet. Yes, that’s real money – not some Trendy Butler cashback bonus that you can only spend for subsequent purchases in this store, but hard cash that you can use for any other purposes.

How does Trendy Butler Cashback Works?

Trendy Butler cashback: sounds simple enough, but how simple is it? The definition of cashback states that it’s literally a cash rebate, but where does this money come from? It comes from promotional deals between third-party sites and Trendy Butler. These promos are paid in the form of cash to the cashback site and then transferred to you. These cashback sites feature clickable links that direct traffic to the main Trendy Butler website, which in turn rewards the site. Want more Trendy Butler cashback deals? We'll explain some Trendy Butler rebate deals and offers next.

On top of cashback, you're also eligible for some Trendy Butler cashback bonus offers. This can come from purchasing with Trendy Butler cashback credit cards, which offer cashback when using them to make purchases. There are rebate Trendy Butler offers that you can redeem to receive extra cash and extra promos and bonuses as well.

To put it in the simplest way, by using a third-party site for Trendy Butler shopping, you collect a percentage of your cash back. We got the best Trendy Butler cashback sites coming up next.

How to get Cashback from Trendy Butler?

Just like the Trendy Butler promise, it's easy! We've broken the process down into four simple steps:

  1. Choose a cashback site and sign up for free
  2. Look for the Trendy Butler portal and start shopping
  3. Check out
  4. Sit back and relax while your cash comes to you

How to use Trendy Butler Cashback?

Using the cashback Trendy Butler rewarded to you is also very easy. There is one thing, though – it needs time to be processed and cashed out. First of all, it's good to check that your preferred method of withdrawal is offered at the cashback site you choose. All those that we provided offer all major payment methods.

After this is done, your purchase will need to be approved by Trendy Butler, which can take between 10 and 30 days. After approval, the cash is transferred to the cashback site you used and then sent to you within 24-48 hours. Most of the time, it is required to have a minimum amount before you can withdraw your earnings.

With so many ways to earn extra cash and bonuses just from shopping at your favorite stores, shopping gets much more attractive. Have fun shopping around and enjoy the rebates flooding back to your account!

Trendy Butler Cash Back Calculator

The cashback calculator is available in some cashback services (for example, SecretDiscounter) on the page of each store and allows you to quickly calculate the amount of cash back that will be returned after a purchase. However, to calculate the cashback, the calculator uses the maximum store rate, and if the store has several rates for different categories of goods, the calculator takes into account the largest one.

Best Cashback Site for Trendy Butler

Finding a good cashback website is the most important part of collecting your deserved rebates. Here we have a Trendy Butler cashback review to get you started. First, look for a website that is home to thousands of top retailers and bonus offers that will be sure to get you the green you're hoping for. Second, look for the provider’s welcome bonus as it’s a great chance to get even more bonuses from the purchases. While some providers offer only free membership, others also give welcome money for your shopping, which is more than appealing for wise, economical shoppers.

Whichever website you choose, you're sure to find only the best Trendy Butler cashback on the web. Look for more providers at CashbackHunter to compare them by waiting times, cashback percentages, and reviews. Here you’ll always find an ideal pick.

Tips to Guarantee Trendy Butler Cashback?

Some general rules and suggestions to follow when shopping for cashback are always to choose a trusted website. Make sure it is secure and always check the rating to see what other customers have to say. Always shop around a bit before choosing the offers you’re going with because companies are always changing their promos.

Always clear the cookies while searching sites for deals. It will guarantee that you’re getting the best offers and promos available and that the cashback option will be activated.

Now you have all the info necessary to start earning on some awesome promos and great cashback offers. Shopping with Trendy Butler just got easier and more affordable, thanks to cashback. We wish you happy hunting!

Best Cashback Websites

Our rating provides cashback rates from the cashback shopping sites SecretDiscounter, TopCashback (Top Cash Back), ExtraBux, Activejunky, GoCashBack, Rakuten Cash Back (former Ebates.com), HooplaDoopla, Lemoney, Mr.Rebates, SaveMate (former Dubli), BeFrugal cashback , 55HaiTao, Simply Best Coupons and other best cash back sites.

Also big cash back websites are Dollar Tree Cashback, Groupon cashback, Honey cash back, Retailmenot Cashback, Swagbucks, Smarty cashback, Cashback World, Couponcabin cashback, Letyshops and Megabonus.

Trendy Butler Cashback Monitor

"Cash back monitor" means special cashback services rating sites that display the current cashback rates in a particular online store from many different cashback websites and allow you to compare cashback in real-time. The most famous cashback comparison sites are cashbackhunter.com. cashbackholic.com, cashbackmonitor.com (cashback monitor), cashbackbin.com, cashbackwatch.com (cashback watch), cashreporter.com (cash reporter), cashbackfanatic.com, cashbackindex.com and mycashback.net.

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Trendy Butler Retailer Rating

TrustScore 1.8 out of 51.8Reviews 2828

Last Trendy Butler Reviews from Trustpilot

Christian Bock
It's a scam

It's a scam. No updates on their website in over a year and no updates on their social media in over 3 months. They are still accepting payments even though their boxes are over a month late. Avoid at all costs.

D Schwit
Have been a fairly long time satisfied…

Have been a fairly long time satisfied customer of TB. This past Sept I was sent a hideous shirt. We sent to return labels and off it went. Octobers package came and they sent all the wrong sizes. Again they sent a return label and off they went. I have not received my November package. When I inquired about my returns got a little bit of a run around. Then was assured December 2 that my exchanges will be in this months shipment. Got notice they charged my credit card for Dec shipment. It’s now January 12th I still have yet to see anything from them. I have an email thread going back from September 21 that would leave you shaking you head. My patience is very thin right now and not sure how this is all going to end. But rest assure it’ll end in my favor!

Darrèn Barley
I'd like to explain why trendy butler…

I'd like to explain why trendy butler have debited my visa payment card but say I don't have an account with them. I'll now be reporting this to my bank as a fraudulent debit from my visa debit card

Ryan Merkel
Trendy Butler promises quality clothing- on a sporadic schedule

Trendy Butler is interesting because, out of the items I eventually did receive, I liked them. They fit well, matched my styling information, and were generally unique but not too far outside what I would normally wear. I also really like the system of sending out 2-3 items I keep, instead of the frustration from picking and choosing, styling fees, and so on. The problem is, unfortunately, a dealbreaker. The schedule of when Trendy Butler would send out a box was disastrous. I received a February box in May, and I'm still waiting for the other from March. Then it does weird things where the website states it was shipped via UPS but they actually used Fedex, so the tracking number didn't work until I realized the problem. To TB's credit, customer service was responsive-ish. The responses while prompt, were insubstantial, saying there were warehouse issues which seems to be a common theme going back to late last year. But there was no concrete date, no "additional item to make up for it," no confirmation I won't be charged again. I can forgive a few weeks, but for the whole duration of my service, the clothing was late. Here's the thing- I actually liked a lot of it! If Trendy Butler could work on the supply chain and send material out without me just waiting indefinitely, I would love it. For now, it's not the service I hoped it would be and it's not reasonable to wait multiple months with no indication TB will ever be "caught up."

David Presley
Echo other reviews

Echo other reviews - terrible product and service. BEWARE DO NOT BUY!

Alyssa Garnham
Bought a 3 month subscription for…

Bought a 3 month subscription for brother in law for Christmas... He didn't get the first box until February (expected between Christmas and new year) and here we are in May with no second box. Do not purchase this subscription!!!

cal daniels
I payed 200 bucks and didn't receive a…

I payed 200 bucks and didn't receive a box for two months. Never use this service

Rodolfo M. Abaldonado Jr.
Subscription was reliable until an…

Subscription was reliable until an issue happened in October of 2020. I was billed through February of 2021 with no items sent. So what did I do? I disputed my transactions and reached via TB portal to inquire about my package. They apologized and advised someone's would get back to me. In addition they would temporarily suspend my account until everything was resolved. That same week, 3 of 4 packages came. Guess what, they were not even my normal style request and I didn't ask for the package to be sent. I've asked for an RMA to send the 3 of 4 packages sent to me. I was told to show proof first that I dropped my dispute then they would issue an RMA. Think about that, what leverage would I have to get my monies back. I wrote back and stated, you get your products back and my dispute will handle the monies you charged me over the course of 4 months before I contacted you in March. Since then, I've emailed every other day for the last 2 weeks to support at trendybutler and zero replies. I also tried to log-in my TB account to ensure that I was in fact suspended and that I would no longer get billed. I also figuresld, if I contact them via the portal, I would get quicker resolution. Not only did they suspend my account, my account no longer exist. THIS SERVICE ALONE WHEN YOU HAVE ISSUES IS ENOUGH TO STAY CLEAR AWAY FROM A COMPANY LIKE THIS. NOT WORTH THE $65 OR EFFORT AND TIME THAT COMES ALONG WITH TRYING TO GET SOMETHING DONE.

Dana May
Way to Slow

I paid for a three month sub in October. The "October" box didn't show up till December. My "November" box didn't show up till late January. Finally I am still waiting on my "December" box and it is now March 26. Terribly slow and not worth it.

Early impressions of TrendyButler

I am reviewing this service based on just one box so far, of 3 that I have scheduled. In addition to notes about my experience with TrendyButler, I'm also going to talk reviews and clothing subscriptions in general. TrendyButler's identity is about bringing value, being a bit more fashion forward than others, and keeping the process/experience simple - almost painfully so, as you may only receive 2-3 items per box (not sure if this is only initially or indefinitely). They expect their AI stylists to make you look good and come back for more. What I personally wanted from Trendy Butler was fashion-forward clothing that is well made and not intended for a teenager - I'm pushing 40 and not trying to look much younger. So far, so good. The site: On the simple side, in a good way. This made me a little nervous at first, but I decided to trust the process. I'm not sure that the site/your account is updated as often as it could be - now that I have my items, after a couple days, it still shows that my delivered item is still shipping (however, there is a link to the package tracking, which shows the correct status). Now that I have my first box, I would expect the "Past Boxes" section (under Dashboard) to show something, but right now it does not. It also says "Your box is being built"...I really don't know if this means box #2 is being built, or if it's still referring to the box I already received. On a related note, I don't know how to confidently rely on what I see on the site to inform me regarding when I will be charged next or when to expect my next box. I think the site could be updated to reflect more clear, real-time information. Sign-up: A very easy process. Compared to other services, this was either done in fewer steps or arranged in a way that made it seem faster. Their cheesy self-categorization (Mr. Confident, Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Nice Guy) efficiently sums up style preferences/intentions. This gets entered in addition to size/fit info, payment/shipment details and I was on my way to my first box. I was curious to see what I'd get; I'd indicated Mr. Confident + diverse taste in style. I chose set up 3 boxes to start off with, in order to take advantage of the best per-box deal available to me at the time (I believe $55/box). I would have had the option of a one-time box for $65, possibly plus a slight discount with a code. More about price/value: TrendyButler is a little different in that you don't ever find out the price of each item; you simply pay (whatever lesser amount you pay) for what they claim is $150 (or more) worth of clothing per box. In theory, this makes it a steal compared to almost any other clothing subscription-type service. Of course, that perceived value depends on your individual experience. My first box: I received my shipment 2-3 weeks after I submitted my info. Simple packaging (branded box), 2 items wrapped in brown paper, and some kind of info/welcome card which I ignored. I received just 2 items. Although I was expecting this, it still felt weird (initially) compared to other services where I often get 5 items in a box. I received a blue jean jacket and a t-shirt. The jacket looked kind of simple, square pockets, plain nickel buttons, medium vintage wash. I wasn't impressed out of the box, but following my own advice: always try it on! I did, and I love the jacket. It fits perfectly - I thought size L would be too big, as I wear NOTHING in that size, but they got it right. Not really fitted, but not too bulky. I'd guess 15 oz denim. It has a cool-without-trying-too-hard vibe. Classic and well done. The t-shirt is also simple. White short sleeve T with a rectangle of black/white graphic on the chest (not sure what it is, kind of looks like a close-up of some sort of fiber under a microscope). The quality and fit of the shirt is slightly better than almost all of my current t-shirts. Slim, with a fabric feel that is somewhere between light and luxurious, kind of like when you have high thread count bedsheets versus regular cheap ones. Yeah it's just a T, but the fit/feel (plus, being a good complement to the jacket) made the difference for me in wanting to keep it versus exchanging for something else - I would NOT normally be inclined to keep a t-shirt. WAS IT WORTH IT? Yes. The jacket alone justifies what I paid, so long as it holds up well. There's definite value there. As for the style of both items, I really like these relaxed cool staples. I wonder what's coming next, though. It's hard to judge overall based on only 2 articles of clothing. If they have their formula right, they're still taking into account what's in my profile, as well as the fact that I kept these 2 items, and will use that to inform future boxes. I intend to provide another review after my 2nd or 3rd box arrives. About reviews: As of this writing, this is only the 2nd review on TrendyButler (on Trustpilot). However, before I requested my box(es), I read many reviews elsewhere. I saw some good, some bad. There are TONS of negative reviews with the BBB. However, that's what people go to the BBB for, generally. After reading those, I was genuinely worried that the quality would be poor or inconsistent, or that there would be major delivery delays and issues with billing or exchanges/returns (BTW, they do exchanges, not refunds, according to their policy). Obviously, I have yet to handle an exchange, but I expect it will eventually happen and I will review the experience. Anyway, my only point here is that you have to decide for yourself whether to give TrendyButler a try. If you don't like it or just need to cancel, do it. Some people have complained about what happens with billing after they've cancelled - my understanding is that it just depends on timing, but if there is an issue, contact them and they'll try to make things right. Again, I'm not speaking from experience in that regard, though. Clothing subscription services in general: I've tried several. I won't rank TrendyButler among those yet, because I only have the 2 items from them so far. -Whichever service(s) you choose, they should help you meet your style needs, at your budget, easily. If you are expending more effort dealing with services like these versus regular shopping or shopping online, then why bother? So far, these services work for me. I hate shopping in person, and I knew I wanted help with my style. -Price/value: I mentioned this earlier, but TrendyButler is, in theory, an absolute steal compared to other services. However, as many reviewers indicate, that's not the case if they frequently get it "wrong". In any case, with other services, you are often paying closer to regular full price -Not every shipment is going to be a winner. I will tell you (contrary to what some people will say) that even with those services that have a styling fee, you should never feel obligated to keep anything. In other words, keep what you love. If it fits your budget. -TRY EVERYTHING ON. I can't tell you how many times I thought I disliked something until I tried it on. Sometimes, sure, I still didn't like it after trying it on. That happens too. -GIVE FEEDBACK. If you have a stylist, tell them what you think. With every shipment. Be quick to contact customer service, and give them a chance to fulfill what you need/want. Personally, I wish TrendyButler was more visible/active as far as soliciting feedback (as compared to other services); however, it's easy enough to find their contact info and send an email.

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