How do I confirm that I have received my order on Aliexpress?

Your first package has finally reached you and you could not be happier! What now? How do you confirm that you have received your Aliexpress order and do you even have to do it? And how do you do it correctly?

Do I have to confirm that I have received the product?

Technically, even if you don’t confirm that you have received the product, the deal will close automatically once the guarantee period runs out.

However, it is still better to send the confirmation not to create anxiety for the seller and write a review about the product – this is our duty, whether the comment is going to be good or bad.

One way or another you will receive an email asking you to leave a review of the product you received. If you ignore this request, after some time the seller will be automatically awarded five stars. Not a big deal if they deserved it, but what if they didn’t?

How do I confirm that I have received the order?

To confirm that you have received the order, go to MY ORDERS menu section on Aliexpress. Next, click on the AWAITING DELIVERY tab to see only the orders that you have not received yet:


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Now select the product and click on the CONFIRM GOODS RECEIVED button:



Next, check the box next to the product and click the CONFIRM GOODS RECEIVED button:



You will see a confirmation screen pop up, click Agree to get sent to the page where you can leave a review about the product.

How to write a review on Aliexpress?

After confirming the order, you will be asked to fill out a simple form:



Of course, you don’t have to write anything, but that wouldn’t be nice of you since we all love to read reviews and often make a decision whether we should buy from a particular seller based on those reviews.

That’s how easy it is to confirm that you have received the product and leave a review about it. If something is not clear, please write in the comments, I will help you in any way I can. 

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