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Saia LTL Freight Rating

TrustScore 5 out of 55Reviews 1313

Last Saia LTL Freight Reviews from Trustpilot

Brackers Mail
Billed me twice for the same shipment, still coming after me 2 years later!

Billed me twice for the same shipment, inadvertently paid both freight bills before realizing it was a duplicate shipment. After trying to get them to refund the duplicate, I eventually disputed the credit card charge (thank goodness I paid with credit card!). Strings and strings of emails ensued after which they finally said "oh yeah, we see, yes, your account is clear." I stopped using them, of course as that was the last straw. 6 months later they came after me for the duplicate shipment payment. I pulled out my string of emails and spend hours back and forth again across about a week until finally they were like "oh yeah, you're right." 6 months later......same story. It's been ALMOST 2 years now since the original (July of 2021) and it's still popping up in my email every so often. I can only assume they are waiting and thinking maybe a new person will be in the position and just send them money. But I'm the president of the company and I'm not going anywhere and they aren't getting another dime from me. They say they are going to send it to collection, like that's going to scare me into giving them money that isn't theirs.

Fernando Lujan
Horrible company

Had a tracking number days before the system couldn't catch up to make a drop off appointment. They didn't show up call or reschedule another. Wouldn't answer my calls or call me back. When they did show up, they still hadn't called me and just left the windshield I ordered outside on the floor didn't even ring the doorbell to see if anyone was there. Crap company

Benjamin Heckman
AWFUL Company

A1 CROOKS. Got a shipment in a few weeks ago from SAIA. They changed my delivery date 3 days in a row, each day assuring ill get it the next day. Here we are now today 30DEC2022, and I got a billing adjustment shooting from $472.16 to $674.40. Their reasoning is; lift gate was used, weight was more than what I put, and added detention. None of those 3 are true. I have confirmed with the business that shipped my products that MY wight was correct, NO liftgate was used, and NO detention. They're sending the proof within 24 hours, and then it will be sent in to SAIA. EVERYONE out there seeing this bad review and all the other bad reviews, please listen! These people are crooks and scammers. SAIA is an AWFUL company and should be put out of business. Just seeing all these other bad reviews makes me sick to my stomach knowing they had my product. Do better SAIA, or close your awful business down. I would leave negative stars if it were possible.

Rick D Davis Sr.
Complete CRAP company!

Complete TURDS company!! I ordered a roll cage through Summit racing.. And it was bent and damaged. Called customer service ( JOKE) gave me the run around and are now acting like i dont even exist.. HOW DO YOU DESTROY A ROLL CAGE FOR A RACE CAR??? THINK ABOUT THAT!!! CUSTOMER BEWARE Now I have to to go through Summit and wait an extra 8 weeks..So long JOB & MY CUSTOMER!! Screw you saia

albert duque
WWhat is the point of making an appointment if it is totally ignored?

They call me to make an appointment, I received tons of texts telling me that my product is going to be delivered, its on its way, and then NOTHING. NOTHING. WASTED my day waiting to receive a 750lbs piece of equipment. I left work early and NOTHING. Totally irresponsible,

the pricing is better than with some of…

the pricing is better than with some of other shippers but the service itself is bad. it is simply not pleasant to do business when you have to put up with manager's mood or unexpected delays.

Alex Nguyen

My company ships with SAIA LTL Freight. The Account Executive Denise Smith - she is great! However, I am not happy with SAIA's policy at all. According to corporate response back to our company's current problem - "our drivers will provide whatever service is requested at destination and the shipper will be charged for those services". This is NOT acceptable at all. We are your CUSTOMER, not the consignee. If the consignee wants extra services that are not listed in the BOL, they should be billed by SAIA, not the shipper. There is a section for "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" on the paperwork that the driver has when deliver out, and I put in there "NO EXTRA ACCESSORIALS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL - CALL THE SHIPPER" with my phone #. SAIA drivers never called me for any approvals. Roadrunner's drivers called when they saw that and the consignee requested extra accessorial at the time of delivery. Kudos to Roadrunner. #saia #roadrunnerfreight #centraltransport #WardTrucking

wenjun zhu
This company is very very horrible!!!

This company is very bad. If I could give a zero-star rating, I would definitely give it a zero-star rating. The staff who answered the phone had a very bad attitude and often didn't answer the phone. Once I got through the phone, the staff told me to call back tomorrow. When I made an appointment for delivery, they told me that I couldn't make an appointment for the next week, and said that the next week was too long. I have also contacted other transportation companies, and other companies can do it after about two weeks. This company forced me to take time off to wait for their package to arrive. And the time they give is a whole day, and the time given by other companies is half a day or a time period of one or two hours. The company actually told me it was possible to deliver at any time of the day. Just a waste of my whole day. This company is horrible. If you have a choice, don't choose this company. This company sucks in every way.

Tim M.
Wish their was a lower rating…

Wish their was a lower rating available! Built a wooden, handmade WWII Naval vessel for my grandson. Called Saia and provided all information. Was quoted $278. Final bill, after Saia added every conceivable charge imaginable, was $535! As example, hidden charge for $56 to call my son-in-law to let him know it was at the terminal (the Customer Service quote when we asked about this was "that calls' not free ya know"), $147 charge for NOT delivering the item, etc, etc.! Literally double the quoted price! If this is not fraudulent business practice I have no idea what would be!

Maureen O'Donnell-Hintz
SAIA shipping employees top notch

An order through Amazon didn’t arrive as stated on the tracking information which in so many words blamed the shipper…. so I phoned SAIA. The large package never made it to SAIA, the problem was on the vendors end. As required the order was cancelled and reordered. Just spoke with the SAIA terminal again expecting delivery tomorrow. SAIA must have an internal employee acknowledged customer service memo to always be courteous because every person no matter the department was not only courteous but friendly, happy, helpful and a pleasure. It’s the little things that make someone’s day a bit better… SAIA your staff are outstanding. Crossing my fingers now that this long awaited package comes intact perfect and undamaged…

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Place Courier Service Official Website Tracking Number Sample
1 USPS (US Postal Service) USPS tracking number: 9470136895232963002713
2 FedEx (Fed Ex, Federal Express, FedEx Freight) FedEx tracking number: 927512975376
3 UPS (UPS Freight, UPS ground, UPS tracking number: 1Z662F416878787827 or 23491875
4 DHL (DHL Express) DHL tracking number: 5753619701
5 China Post China Post tracking number: AQ321816631CN
6 Old Dominion Freight Line Old Dominion tracking number: 25712420535
7 XPO Logistics XPO tracking number: 869381693
8 4PX Express 4PX tracking number: 00340434499362892642 or LP00514568579700
9 YRC Freight YRC tracking number: 668-179383-5
10 Estes Express Estes tracking number: 0178212964
11 OnTrac OnTrac tracking number: D10013200211502
12 R&L Carriers (RL Carriers) R&L tracking number: 42973815-6
13 Saia Saia tracking number: 106171929500
14 LaserShip LaserShip tracking number: 1LS729803781458
15 Yanwen Logistics Yanwen tracking number: UG475165684YP
16 EMS EMS tracking number: EV938507560CN
17 ABF Freight ABF tracking number: 223092709
18 Yun Express (YunExpress) Yun Express tracking number: YT2215821272057566
19 LBC Express LBC tracking number: 362266453096
20 Royal Mail Royal Mail tracking number: LO036472951GB
21 MSC MCS tracking number: MSCUW9876543
22 SF Express SF Express tracking number: SF1312268593906
23 Canada Post Canada Post tracking number: 2000556244262499
24 TNT TNT tracking number: GE695447441WW or 199863650
25 Deutsche Post Deutsche Post tracking number: LY359583976DE

All supported carriers (549)

Top-30 Postal Services in the USA

Place Courier Service Official Website Tracking Number Sample
1 United States Postal Service (USPS) USPS tracking number: 9470136895232963002713
2 United Parcel Service (UPS) UPS tracking number: 1Z662F416878787827 or 23491875
3 FedEx Corporation (FedEx) FedEx tracking number: 927512975376
4 DHL Express DHL tracking number: 5753619701
5 Amazon Logistics Amazon tracking number: TBA123456789012
6 OnTrac Shipping OnTrac tracking number: D10013200211502
7 LaserShip LaserShip tracking number: 1LS729803781458
8 YRC Worldwide YRC tracking number: 668-179383-5
9 XPO Logistics XPO tracking number: 869381693
10 R+L Carriers R+L tracking number: 42973815-6
11 ABF Freight System ABF tracking number: 223092709
12 Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL) Old Dominion tracking number: 25712420535
13 Estes Express Lines Estes tracking number: 0178212964
14 Saia LTL Freight Saia tracking number: 00340434499362892642
15 Pitt Ohio Express Pitt Ohio tracking number: PITT1234567
16 Averitt Express Averitt Express tracking number: AVE-1234-5678
17 Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) Southeastern Freight tracking number: SEFL1234567
18 Central Transport Central Transport tracking number: 123-45678910
19 AAA Cooper Transportation AAA Cooper tracking number: 1234567890
20 GLS-US GLS tracking number: 987654321012
21 New Penn Motor Express New Penn tracking number: 123456-789
22 Dayton Freight Lines Dayton Freight tracking number: 123-456789
23 Oak Harbor Freight Lines Oak Harbor tracking number: 123456-789
24 Roadrunner Transportation Systems Roadrunner tracking number: 123456789
25 Reddaway Regional Reddaway tracking number: 123-456789
26 USF Holland US Holland tracking number: 123-456789
27 Forward Air Forward Air tracking number: 1234567890
28 Ward Transport & Logistics Ward tracking number: 123456-789
29 Land Air Express Land Air Express tracking number: 123456789
30 TForce Freight TForce tracking number: 123456789012

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6 Target Target Tracking Order
7 eBay eBay Tracking Order
8 Etsy Etsy Tracking Order
9 AliExpress AliExpress Tracking Order
10 Banggood Banggood Tracking Order
11 Wish Wish Tracking Order
12 Gearbest Gearbest Tracking Order
13 Shein Shein Tracking Order
14 Lazada Lazada Tracking Order
15 Shopee Shopee Tracking Order
16 Wayfair
Wayfair Tracking Order
17 Nike Nike Tracking Order
18 Apple Apple Tracking Order
19 Kohl's
Kohl's Tracking Order
20 Macy's Macy's Tracking Order
20 Lowe's Lowe's Tracking Order
21 Old Navy Old Navy Tracking Order
22 Nordstrom Nordstrom Tracking Order
23 Office Depot Office Depot Tracking Order
24 Newegg Newegg Tracking Order
25 Costco Costco Tracking Order
26 Dell Dell Tracking Order
27 Sephora Sephora Tracking Order
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29 Staples Staples Tracking Order
30 Samsung Samsung Tracking Order
31 ATT ATT Order Status
32 T-Mobile T-Mobile Order Status
33 DHGate DHGate Tracking Order
34 HSN Order Status
35 GAP GAP Order Status
36 Forever 21 Forever 21 Tracking Order
37 Walgreens Walgreens Order Status

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