What does it mean: My Aliexpress account has been terminated?

If you see a message in your aliexpress account: This account has been terminated (more common in the mobile version), it means that you have been blocked.

There are several reasons for this. Let’s look at each of these reasons for being banned.


What to do if your Aliexpress account has been banned?

When logging in to the site, you see the caption:

“This account has been terminated. Please use another account to login”.

You cannot place new orders, but you can see old, unfinished orders and open a dispute on them.

The first thing to do is to find out why you are blocked. And from there to find a solution.


Incorrect data

The most harmless thing that can happen. Just check the caps lock key and the language you enter your password in. If you happen to forget it, ask for access to your email.


Failed to activate your email account

If you have not activated your email account within three days of registering, you will be blocked. Now, to remove the block, you need to find the “Account reactivation” button next to the ban message.

Tip: It’s better to confirm your box immediately after registering with Ali, so you don’t run into such a problem.


Accidentally deleted account

It’s quite common that you will accidentally delete your account. To restore it, please contact aliexpress Support.


Performing illegal activity

If your account has been caught cheating, you will never be able to recover your account after you are banned. The only thing you will have to do is create a new one.


Opened too many disputes

If disputes on active orders exceed 50%, you may be banned. Aliexpress sellers have the right to file a complaint against the buyer.

Practice has shown that it is almost impossible to restore the account in this case. Create a new one.


Multiple accounts with the same information

If you have two active accounts, with the same data, the administration will accept it as fraud. And, of course, you’ll be blocked. As with the previous reason, it is unlikely your account will be recoverable. You will have to create a new one.

If you can’t find the reason above, contact support. Of course, you may have to spend a lot of time trying to recover your account.

You may also get rejected. Then there is nothing left to do but create a new profile and start building up your customer rating again. If your rating was low, though, that’s OK.

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