AliExpress & Shopping at Chinese Web Stores

There’s nothing difficult about shopping with Aliexpress. But beginners may have problems looking for what they want, so we hope this guide comes in helpful.

Different things happen – sometimes we are too quick to order something we don’t really need or we may later find exactly the same product at a lower price. It shouldn’t be a problem to cancel an order you’ve already made. However, there are some nuances.

First thing you need to understand is that the fact that you made a mistake while placing an order is not the store’s responsibility. They are looking to make profit, not refunds. Which leads us to, you must be very quick to react to your mistake and notify the seller as soon as possible in case you wish to cancel an order.


Let’s say you ordered something by mistake. What you need to do is go to your profile and find the cancel button opposite the order. It will soon no longer be available, so act quickly. A store has 24 hours to process an order – this is the time you have to make any changes. After that the option will no longer be available.

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Don’t be afraid to shop at as long as you know all the intricacies of choosing reliable sellers and the correct checkout process, you will always receive your packages. However, if you’re new to the platform, you must be aware of frauds.

The most common fraud on Aliexpress is selling a product that doesn’t match the description on its page. Say, you are looking for what you need and trying to find it cheaper. You study all the characteristics of a particular product and find them satisfying. When the item arrives, you leave the seller positive feedback. However, when you start to actually use the product, you find out its quality doesn’t match what has been promised.

In Case of a Fraud

First thing you should do is contact the seller to try to settle things peacefully. Write them a polite message explaining that the product you received doesn’t have the quality advertised on the seller’s page. Warn them that unless you manage to settle things amicably (for example, you may ask for a 50% refund) you will be forced to open a dispute.

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In case your deal on Aliexpress has almost expired, but you still haven’t received your package and aren’t even sure where it is – don’t worry. If you follow the rules of the website and do everything in the time allowed, you will have no problem getting your money back.

How to Open a Dispute with a Seller

In case your deal is reaching its expiration date, you will be notified by the website by email. Upon receiving the email, go to Aliexpress and find the lost item in the orders section. Then press the “Open a dispute” button. You will then get re-directed to another page where you repeat the action by clicking the item in question.

The website will then ask you to answer a few questions, such as:

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Shopping with Aliexpress is generally quite safe. However, sometimes we receive not the item we ordered or don’t receive anything at all. Don’t worry: you are protected and will be able to get your money back as long as you know what to do. You just may have to wait for a few days.

Most common reasons to get a refund you have not received your purchase the product received doesn’t match the description on the website the item is damaged the order was canceled by the seller or you

In any of those cases the first step to getting a refund will be opening a dispute.

You have not received your purchase

This is the most common reason to open a dispute. Sometimes a shady seller doesn’t bother sending the purchase in the first place; sometimes they get “lost” by the post or the customs. Usually in those situations it’s either impossible to use the tracking number, or the package is shown but is moving in the wrong direction. Sometimes sellers give the same tracking numbers to a few customers or supply tracking numbers that only show transportation on the territory of China.

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Many people hesitate to shop online out of fear that their pre-paid order will turn out to be of poor quality and the seller – to be a crook. However, with Aliexpress you are protected by the guarantee obligations on the seller’s side. You simply need to know what Order Protection is and how to use it.

In case you have shopped with Aliexpress before, you know the seller has a certain time to deliver your goods to you. In case that time has run out and you still haven’t received your order, according to your rights stated on the website, you can ask for your money back.

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If you’ve only opened Aliexpress a few times in your life, you must have quite a vague idea of what to do after signing up. How to place an order and get the item you want? First of all, we must choose it. Let’s open the main page of the website:

After that you can do one of two things: you can either search the item you want by name or in the menu by category. In case you know exactly what you want, we recommend searching by name.

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There’s nothing difficult about shopping with Aliexpress. It may, however, present some difficulty to find exactly what you need on this gigantic shopping platform. Beginners may have problems looking for what they want, so we hope this guide comes in helpful.

Get Your Cashback

Suppose, you found the item you want and added it to your cart – you seem to be only one step away from buying it. However, don’t be too hasty: if you’re shopping with cashback (after signing up on a cashback website, such as or LetyShops), you’ll need to activate it first. Cashback will allow you to get up to 5% off the price of the product back, which can be significant in case you’re shopping for something expensive. If you want to get your cashback, don’t add the item to your cart straight away.

Follow these steps: go to the cashback website and activate the cashback plugin for your browser; make sure you’re signed in on the cashback service; open Aliexpress again and select the item you chose; add the selected item to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

In case you followed these steps, you must get your cashback.

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Feedback on Aliexpress plays a HUGE role since it’s the only thing that can tell you about ACTUAL delivery speed, REAL product quality and how COMPETENT the seller is. 

Personally, I ALWAYS read reviews for the item before I buy it. Aliexpress sellers can lie and sugarcoat, but people who have received and evaluated the item have no reason to do it.

What they do have, however, is reasons to leave a review, especially an impartial one. Those reasons may vary from venting their frustration with the seller to showing off the good deal they got.

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Aliexpress is a huge marketplace with an enormous number of stores and goods. What can’t you find there! But does it have brand goods? Of course it does! However, brands on Aliexpress are really hard to find and here is why

It’s illegal to sell brand items without license, so sellers need to come up with tricks to conceal popular brand names. And it’s our job as customers to read the clues and find them. So, how do we look for brand items on Aliexpress?

How to look for brand items on Aliexpress?

First of all, we need to understand we are not looking for authentic expensive brand goods, but for their replicas. However, these days replicas often have such astounding quality they’re hardly distinguishable from the originals! They come at much nicer prices too :)

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If you haven’t added your address correctly on Aliexpress you can’t be 100% sure you will receive your package. How do you add your address to get the package delivered exactly where you need it? Is that hard to do?

There’s nothing difficult about adding your address on Aliexpress, especially today.

You will learn:

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