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Top-3 AliExpress Promo Codes & Deals for April 2023

AliExpress: 20% Cash Back for Purchases Sitewide
Expires: Available through 03/19/23
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Combine with other offers for an even better deal! Cash back is earned on the qualifying purchase total after any discounts and before any fees, taxes, or shipping and handling are applied. Purchases of gift cards are excluded. Rewards earnings not to exceed $50.00.
AliExpress: 25% off your order
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Tap offer to copy the coupon code. Remember to paste code when you check out. Online only.
AliExpress: Extra $25 Off $150+ Sitewide
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Tap offer to copy the coupon code. Remember to paste code when you check out. Online only.
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About AliExpress

What is Aliexpress? Aliexpress is one of the most famous Internet platforms delivering goods from China to various parts of the world. It managed to win a leading position on the market of a wide variety of inexpensive goods from China. The company offers a wide range of products. There are more than 9 million registered buyers on the platform's website.
In 2010, AliBabaGroup organized a new trading platform to ship goods in retail or in small batches to other countries. It was AliExpress, the creation of Jack Ma (real name Ma Yun). His goal was to give the world a variety of goods at low prices in the comfort of people's homes. Over 2 years of operation, 600 thousand users were registered on the website. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2022, the company had about 245 thousand employees.

Financial Results

Total income:
- 2017 — $22.9 billion
- 2018 — $39.8 billion
- 2019 — $56.15 billion
- 2020 — $71.9 billion
- 2021 — $109.48 billion
Average revenue growth rate — 54.69%
Net profit:
- 2017 — $6.345 billion
- 2018 — $10.201 billion
- 2019 — $13.053 billion
- 2020 — $21.08 billion
- 2021 — $22.941 billion
The average profit growth rate is 100.81%

In 2019, a new sales record was set on Aliexpress on Black Friday — $1 billion worth of goods were sold in 68 seconds.

How To Get Aliexpress Coupon Code

You'll need to go to the cashbackhunter website, find an Aliexpress store and in the Aliexpress coupon tab you can choose the appropriate promo code for an additional discount or free shipping.


  • Sometimes, the number of visitors to the website in one day reaches 50 million people; 
  • The company's annual revenue is $300 billion.; 
  • The number of orders placed per year is 14.5 billion. 
  • A wide range of products;
  • Issues related to the purchase or delivery of ordered goods are solved with the seller directly;
  • There are warehouses in China, local prices are low.
  • AliExpress suppliers, purchases and stores, or products from the list of Alibaba manufacturers
  • Shipping is free, carried out either by China Post, HonkKongMail or AliExpress Standard, and a faster delivery is available, if the customer is willing to pay for it.
  • Low cost of buying in bulk.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Purchase

Step 1. Find the product name on the landing page;
Step 2. Find the right product (filtering is available);
Step 3. Confirm the product specifications and click Buy Now.

https://knowledgecloud.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/kc/kc-media/kc-oss-1571834117750-image.pngYou can also place an order from the shopping cart, which will help you place combined orders. Please add the items to the cart and place the order from the cart.

How Do I Make a Payment?

Step 1. Add products to the shopping cart .
Step 2. Select products for batch payment in the Shopping Cart.
Step 3. Enter/select delivery address
Step 4. Select the payment method, then carry out the payment. If you have an aliexpress coupon or aliexpress promo code, enter the aliexpress coupon code to get an additional discount.

Aliexpress uses AliPay — its own payment system. It protects the buyer and allows them to transfer money to the seller only after they confirm that they are satisfied with the goods received.

You can also get an Aliexpress coupon on the website: https://cashbackhunter.com.


After successful payment, the seller has up to several days to confirm the order and send it. You will receive a notification by email that the order has been confirmed and shipment is expected. Then Aliexpress will repeatedly notify you about the status of the order.
Not to wait for a notification and see what is happening with the order at the moment, you can go to the My Orders section in your personal account.
There you can click on the Aliexpress Tracking button and you will be redirected to a page with delivery information.

Return and exchange of goods

How do I return a product from my personal account on my PC?
So, first you need to open a dispute in your personal account. To do this, go to the Tracking section. Do not click confirm order receipt.

Tracking Section Screen

If you have opened faulty goods disputes before, you know that you need to attach evidence of poor quality of the goods and describe the problem. In case of a free refund, it is not necessary to do, but it is important that all tags are in place and the product was not damaged during trying on.
Click open dispute and then return of goods and money.

Click return of goods and money.

Since you are requesting a refund, the goods will have to be sent back. This is done by mail, regardless of how it was delivered (courier, parcel locker, mail, etc.).
Enter the maximum amount of money allowed. You can choose a reason like Product with a defect.

Then you need to confirm the entered data, Aliexpress will process the dispute and give you a code for mail. As a rule, the code will be ready the next day.

You need to take the item to the post office within 4 days.

To open a dispute, you have 15 days after receiving the goods, and 4 more days to ship after receiving the barcode. According to the rules of aliexpress customer service, partial and full refunds are carried out within 3-20 days from the moment the dispute was closed. If the goods have been sent, this period will start counting when the seller receives the goods back. It turns out that the whole procedure can stretch out for about 2 month at most.

Contact Information (postal address and phone, email)

  • buyerservice@aliexpress.com — to solve common issues;
  • complaint@aliexpress.com — claims, complaints, opening of a dispute;
  • security@aliexpress.com — website security and confidentiality of the buyer's account.

The Ultimate Guide to AliExpress Cash Back Opportunities

Unleashing the Power of AliExpress Cash Back

AliExpress is a popular online retail platform offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. As a global marketplace, AliExpress connects buyers with sellers from around the world, providing a vast array of products to choose from. But did you know that you can also save money on your purchases through various AliExpress cashback and cash back opportunities? In this guide, we'll explore the different ways you can maximize your savings on AliExpress through cashback and AliExpress cash back rewards.

AliExpress Cashback Through Cashback Websites and Apps

One of the easiest ways to earn AliExpress cashback is by using cashback websites and apps that partner with AliExpress. These platforms offer cashback rewards to users who make purchases through their links or by using their browser extensions. Some popular cashback websites and apps that work with AliExpress include SecretDiscounter, TopCashback, Rakuten, and RebatesMe. To start earning cashback on your AliExpress purchases, sign up for one or more of these platforms, and make sure to shop through their links or use their browser extensions when shopping on AliExpress.

AliExpress Store Promotions and Discounts

Another way to save money on AliExpress is by taking advantage of store promotions and discounts offered by individual sellers. Many sellers on AliExpress offer promotions and discounts on their products, which can help you save money on your purchases. Although these deals may not provide direct cashback, they can still help you reduce your overall spending on AliExpress. To find the latest store promotions and discounts, browse through AliExpress's website or app, and look for products with promotional offers or discounted prices.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

The AliExpress Affiliate Program allows users to earn cashback by promoting AliExpress products on their websites, blogs, or social media platforms. By signing up for the affiliate program and sharing your unique affiliate links, you can earn a commission on every sale made through your links. This can be a great way to earn AliExpress cashback while sharing your favorite products with your audience. To join the AliExpress Affiliate Program, visit the AliExpress website and sign up as an affiliate partner.

AliExpress Coupons and Coupon Codes

AliExpress offers various coupons and coupon codes that can be used to save money on your purchases. These can include seller coupons, platform coupons, and promotional codes. By using these coupons and codes, you can reduce the cost of your purchases and potentially earn AliExpress cashback in the form of savings. To find the latest AliExpress coupons and coupon codes, visit the AliExpress website or app, and check the Coupons section or the product pages for available offers.

AliExpress Mobile App Exclusive Deals

AliExpress frequently offers exclusive deals and promotions for users who shop through their mobile app. By using the AliExpress app, you can unlock additional discounts and potentially earn AliExpress cashback in the form of savings. To take advantage of these mobile app exclusive deals, download the AliExpress app on your smartphone and browse the various promotions and discounts available exclusively for app users.

Maximizing Your AliExpress Cash Back Potential

To make the most of your AliExpress cashback and cash back opportunities, consider combining different methods. For example, you could use cashback websites and apps while shopping through the AliExpress app, which may offer exclusive deals and promotions. Additionally, take advantage of store promotions, discounts, and coupons to further increase your savings.

Unlock the Full Savings Potential at AliExpress

By exploring the various AliExpress cashback and cash back opportunities outlined in this guide, you can significantly increase your savings on your AliExpress purchases. Be sure to experiment with different cashback methods and combine them whenever possible to maximize your savings. Keep an eye out for store promotions, use cashback websites and apps, take advantage of the AliExpress Affiliate Program, and utilize coupons and coupon codes to get the best deals possible. With a bit of planning and dedication, you can unlock the full savings potential that AliExpress has to offer. Happy shopping, and enjoy the extra cash back in your pocket!

AliExpress Buyer Protection and Cash Back

AliExpress offers a Buyer Protection program to safeguard your purchases and ensure a smooth shopping experience. While the Buyer Protection program may not provide direct cashback, it can help you save money by ensuring that you receive the products you ordered or by providing refunds for products that don't meet your expectations. To benefit from Buyer Protection, make sure to read the program's terms and conditions and follow the guidelines when making your purchases on AliExpress.

Following AliExpress on Social Media for Exclusive Cash Back Offers

Social media platforms can be a great source of information about exclusive cashback offers, promotions, and discounts available on AliExpress. By following AliExpress on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can stay up-to-date on the latest deals and exclusive offers that can help you save money and potentially earn AliExpress cashback. Additionally, participating in social media contests and giveaways hosted by AliExpress can provide you with opportunities to win cashback rewards, coupons, and other prizes.

Shop During AliExpress Sale Events

AliExpress hosts various sale events throughout the year, such as the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, the Anniversary Sale, and the Summer Sale. During these events, shoppers can enjoy significant discounts on a wide range of products and potentially earn additional cashback rewards. To maximize your savings during AliExpress sale events, plan your shopping trips accordingly, and use the various cashback opportunities mentioned in this guide, such as cashback websites, apps, and coupons.

Embrace the AliExpress Cash Back Lifestyle

By incorporating the strategies outlined in this guide, you can transform your AliExpress shopping experience and make the most of the cashback opportunities available. Be proactive in seeking out cashback websites, apps, and coupons, and stay informed about the latest deals and promotions on AliExpress. With persistence and dedication, you can enjoy substantial savings and a more rewarding shopping experience on AliExpress. Happy saving!

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AliExpress Retailer Rating

TrustScore 2.7 out of 52.7Reviews 132723132723

Last AliExpress Reviews from Trustpilot

Toth Bela
This connector is really great

This connector is really great. I will convert it to HENSEL Studiotechnik lamps with a minimal modification. So I buy all the many GODOX/Bowens connector stuff. :) Prompt service, very fast delivery! I will come back here again.

Prabhath Perera

Very good product. I have experienced much products from this supplier such as sata ssd, nvme & ram those are excellent with no defects & returns.

Seamos sinceros: sabemos cómo es

He tenido buenas y malas experiencias. Por suerte las buenas superan a las malas. Siempre me han apoyado desde soporte, y los reembolsos han ido bien. Mirad bien todas las condiciones de compra y las reseñas de producto y vendedor. Tardar tardan, a menos que compréis en Plaza, pero sale más caro (para eso prefiero Amazon). No recomiendo productos caros, nunca se sabe. No esperéis mucha calidad en el 90% de los productos.

Jim “Shorty”
Seller phoned to confirm my log

Seller phoned to confirm my logo and the product was engraved and delivered very fast. Nice product just what I order and wanted.

Fábio Arai
Envio rápido e produtos dentro das expectativas

Envio rápido e produtos dentro das expectativas. Recomendo o vendedor (READYYEAH Official Store) onde comprei kit de Stylus-pen+pontas reserva+luva e estojo para guardar a caneta e as pontas. Comprei esse kit para usar no Redmi Pad que comprei antes, mas não mechegou ainda esperando "fiscalização".


Attention, de plus en plus des vendeurs propose des produits à la vente que vous ne recevrez jamais. Je pense que durant ce temps il utilise votre argent, pour spéculer en sachant que Ali express va vous rembourser, si au bout de 20 jour votre suivi n'est pas à jour n'attendez pas pour demander le remboursement.

Wout van Essen
Top shop

Top shop. Bestel hier al jaren van 1 tot 200,- euro. Van prullaria tot rvs bakplaten, koffieapparaten, air fryers, noem maar op. Alleen goeie ervaringen. Gaat er eens iets mis of defect ontvangen open je een dispuut. Wordt netjes afgehandeld tot op heden geld terug ontvangen.

Guillermo Cusicanqui
Siempre buena experiencia

Siempre buena experiencia. Muy contento con los productos enviados. Posiblemente se debe controlar mas a las empresas que hacen la entrega al cliente.

Die Produkte und die Auswahl sind klasse!

Die Produkte und die Auswahl sind sehr gut. Es ist eigentlich alles bestens, nur die Lieferzeit ist manchmal sehr lang, schlimm geradezu zu Corona-Zeiten. Ich kaufe gern bei Aliexpress, empfehle diese Plattform auch gern und oft weiter. Wie in allen Bereichen haben sie auch viel elektronische Waren. Hier gibt es mein einziges Problem. Es gibt eben keine Garantie auf die Waren. Die brauche ich aufgrund der hervorragenden Qualität auch oft gar nicht. Aber bei zwei Wildkameras schon hatte ich Pech. Sie gingen beide binnen eines Jahres kaput. In Europa würde ich die Kamera gegen Geld zurück geben oder eine neue einfordern. Eine dritte Kamera werde ich mir nicht mehr bei Aliexpress holen.

Felipe Dias Kyler Blackwolf
It came as intended and took only 13 days to arrive

It was a great experience, increadible prices and a very good product, it took a few days to be sent by the store, but it came really fast and well packed.

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