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Few words about CashbackHunter

Cashback websites (also known as rebate websites, reward portals) are one of the easiest ways to save money when purchasing online.

Just sign up, start all of your shopping via the cash back site, and earn rewards after each payment. Many of these sites also provide coupons, discount codes, promo codes and voucher codes – to maximize your saving when shopping.

How can you choose the best and the most reliable cashback service and how to get the largest cashback? See our comparison chart and reviews below – here you can find the most profitable cash back service.

Other well-known cashback comparison sites are cashbackholic.com, cashbackmonitor.com (cashback monitor or cash back monitor), cashbackbin.com, cashbackwatch.com (cashback watch), cashreporter.com (cash reporter), cashbackfanatic.com, cashbackindex.com and mycashback.net.

What Our Users Say
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I thought that only one type of cash back in the world – from bank cards, but Cashbackhunter.com that my husband showed me recently changed my opinion and now I know that I can shop online and get cashback from any purchase. Thnx a lot and best wishes to your service.

Justin Massie
Justin D. Massie. What is the most trustworthy cashback service? And how do you obtain the most cashback?

Justin D. Massie. What is the most trustworthy cashback service? And how do you obtain the most cashback? See our comparison chart and reviews below - here you will find the most profitable cashback service. Cashback is becoming a popular choice for those who are thrifty and want to make money from their shopping. How it works, the advantages, and the various cashback options are available will be explained to you. Cashback is available in three types: directly from major retailers and manufacturers, who will return a percentage of your loyalty money; from banks - which you pay using your credit cards, or through specialized cashback firms that work with other manufacturers or online merchants. Cashback: everyone is a winner! It's. The system of refunds for purchases is organized so that absolutely all participants in a cashback deal receive significant advantages: Buyers - goods and personal budget savings in the form of the partial reimbursement of their own funds (by frequently receiving cashback, you could earn a significant sum in the course of a year, and then spend it on other pleasant purchases or for entertainment). Banks - increased turnover of clients money and a higher level of customers' loyalty to the bank. Stores - Increased purchases, which in turn an increase in turnover and profits. Cashback services can be a method to draw customers. Manufacturers - marketing and advertising for their products. As you will see cashback is efficient, fair, and without the catch. What is the distinction between bonuses, cashback and points? There is a difference between regular discount or cashback programs. The main distinction is that the purchaser receives bonus points or points on his account. However, in the second case, he gets real "real" cash. The money is able to be used for anything he chooses and not through the company of the discount or bonus program. In addition, bonuses and points are not able to be redeemed. Cashback can, however, be withdrawn via a mobile smartphone or electronic wallet. Discounts have a short validity period and are tied with the sale of products. Cashback isn't subject to any limitations. The money is returned to the buyer continuously. Cashback is a way to purchase products at a discount cost.

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How Does Cash Back Work?

1. Shop OnlineFollow the link to your selected store or deal and buy as usual2. Earn Cash BackCashback would be added to your account automatically3. Get PaidOnce your transactions are approved, withdraw your rewards