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Rakuten.com – cashback service review (former Ebates.com)

Rakuten.com (formerly Ebates.com) is one of the largest and most popular cashback services in the USA. It was created in 1998 and now counts over 25 million users.

Rakuten cashback service is a sub-company of Rakuten Inc., a popular e-commerce platform that also owns the Viber.com messenger as well as Rakuten Marketing CPA network (an advertising platform for internet stores) and several other successful companies.


By the way, Rakuten Inc. is also an official sponsor of the Barcelona football team.

What makes Rakuten unique is that they provide cashback for shopping offline (at actual stores) as well as online.

Rakuten.com is available in a number of languages (in a form of several websites) although it’s mostly used by USA residents (and sometimes by the Japanese as Rakuten Inc. head office is located in Tokyo).

https://www.ebates.com – international website (in English)
https://www.ebates.ca – website for Canada
https://www.ebates.cn – website for China
https://www.ebates.kr – website for Korea
https://www.rebates.jp – website for Japan

Also, Rakuten is working with 2000+ online stores most of which will even provide coupons and promo codes for additional discounts.

Ebates.com stores

Advantages of Rakuten cashback service

  • cashback available for shopping offline (with Rakuten Visa Card)
  • stores with double cashback
  • $10 registration bonus or a $10 promo code for Walmart (in case your cashback reaches $25 within 90 days after the registration)
  • minimum withdrawal amount starts at $5.01
  • automatic cashback withdrawal every quarter
  • coupons and promo codes for a number of stores, also daily special offers
  • a large number of stores with cashback
  • RakutenVISA bank card will give you 3% of cashback for making any purchase
  • In Store Cashback: you may add a Visa/American Express bank card issued in the USA and receive cashback for shopping at 50+ offline stores in the USA automatically when paying with your bank card (https://www.Rakuten.com/in-store-cash-back.htm)
  • browser extension available (only for Google Chrome)
  • mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • affiliate program available (+$5 per a friend you bring in after they save up $25 of cashback)
  • frequent bonus promotional offers to attract new users

Ebates.com cheque

Disadvantages of Rakuten cashback service

  • low cashback rates
  • few money withdraw options (only PayPal and cheque)
  • the registration bonus is only awarded after $25 of cashback is accumulated
  • money withdrawal is only available once in 3 months, but you can do it automatically after putting in your information.

In general, Rakuten is a large cashback service with many interesting functions, reliable partners and a huge number of users. The website’s design is minimalistic, pleasant and user-friendly.

Getting cashback with Rakuten is profitable and safe. Cashback is always assigned correctly and can be withdrawn on time with no delays.

Take a look at Rakuten.com traffic rates

The cashback platform’s website, https://www.ebates.com is visited by about 29 mln users a month. These numbers fully reflect the service’s popularity and reliability.

Ebates similarweb.com

Rakuten money withdrawal options

You can withdraw your cash back from Rakuten automatically by using one of these options:

  1. Big Fat Check (starting from $5)
  2. PayPal (starting from $5)

Money withdrawal is available every three months and only if cashback amount exceeds $5 or more (the money will be transferred automatically after you select the withdrawal option).

How to sign up on Rakuten.com?

Open www.ebates.com and click Join now in the top right corners of the page.

In case there is a special offer, choose your registration bonus in the window that will be opened (promo code for $10 to shop at Walmart or $10 on your Rakuten balance), then:

  • put in your active email
  • choose a password
  • click I’m not a robot
  • press Join Now

To sign up in a single click, press Facebook or Google logo (in case you have got an account on either of the websites).

Please don’t forget you can only receive your registration bonus after you accumulate $25 of cashback or more.

That’s it, you have successfully signed up on rakuten.com and can proceed with shopping with cashback.

Note: you don’t need to confirm your email after the registration, but please check your inbox just in case, you may have to follow a link to activate your account or confirm the email.

How to get cashback on Rakuten.com?

To make a purchase with cashback you need to log in on Rakuten:

  • go to Rakuten.com and click Sign In
  • enter your login (email) and password
  • tick off I’m not a robot
  • click Sign In

In case you signed up on Rakuten via a social network, click that network’s logo above to log in.

Then choose the online store where you want to shop with cashback.

To find a particular store use quick store search (in the top of the page) or click All Stores in the top left of the page to see all stores that offer cashback.

There’s also a convenient store catalogue on the left and a filter to sort all stores alphabetically, by popularity or by cashback.

To activate cashback click the Shop Now red button next to the store of your choice.

After you go to the store’s website cash back will be activated automatically and you can shop as you normally would, but this time with cashback.

You can check for discount coupons, read about the online store, look up cashback rates and conditions as well as activate cashback on the store’s detail page (to go there click the name of the store in the All Stores section).

After you have paid for your online purchase, cashback will be displayed in the Rakuten statistics within a few minutes (possibly hours or even days).

Cashback will change its status to confirmed 1-40 days after you receive your order from the online store and it will then be available for withdrawal.

You can see all assigned cashback and your balance in the top right part of the website or in the pop-down menu of your account in the Cashback Balance section.

Withdrawing money from Rakuten cashback service

Rakutenallows you to withdraw money automatically, but first you will need to put in your information and preferred withdrawal option:

  1. Select Account Settings in the pop-down menu (or in your account menu on the right) and choose Add Address.
  2. In the form that appears put in your name, last name, street address, city, postal code and country from the pop-down menu and press the Submit green button below the form.
  3. After you save the information you have put in, tick off the preferred withdrawal method in the Payment Type menu and press Update.

That’s it, your information is successfully updated and your confirmed cashback will be transferred to your PayPal account or sent to your mailing address as a bank cheque (depending on the option you have selected).

Rakutenmakes payments approximately every 3 months automatically, take a look at the schedule of automatic payments:

Ebates payment shedule

In-Store Cash Back program by Rakuten

With a unique In-Store CashBack program you can get cashback from shopping in over 50 offline stores in the USA (actual real stores).

To get cashback from local American stores add one or a few credit or debit cards (American Express, VISA) on Rakuten.com, then add them to the stores of your choice from the list (the card must be issued by an American bank).

After you pay for your order at the store with a pre-added card, cashback will be assigned automatically to your Rakuten account within 1-7 days.

How to add a bank cards to a store on Rakuten

  1. Go to My Wallet section of the pop-down menu on the right or in your account on the left
  2. In My Wallet section press Add a New Card (it will be on the top right of the page)
  3. Fill in the form in the new window and press Add a New Card
  4. Go to In-Store CashBack (in the top of the page) and press Link Offer next to the store of your choice to link the card you have added to that store (or create a new one).

All done, the card has been added and linked to the store, you can now shop at the selected stores offline and still receive cashback.

Don’t forget these simple rules for receiving In Store Cashback

  1. You must pay for your purchase with the card you have linked to that particular store (you can change the linked card from the mobile app)
  2. Your Visa or American Express card must be linked to that particular store (the Link Offer button)
  3. The purchase must be made at the physical offline store and not online.

! Please note that at the moment the In-Store Cashback program is only available on the territory of the USA and only for American bank card holders.

Plug-ins, add-ons and browser extensions for Rakuten

Press Rakuten Button on the Rakuten website to get the platform’s extension for Google Chrome. After you install the plug-in, you will be able to find a particular store with cashback, look up discount coupons or activate cashback without going on the platform’s website.

You can install the extension from the page https://www.rakuten.com/button.htm.

Rakuten mobile app for iOS / Android

Owners of Android or iOS operating system smartphones can use a convenient Rakuten mobile app to use the site and its benefits on the go.

The app is available on App Store and Google Play.

RakutenMobile Apps installation button is located in the bottom of the Rakuten.com website.

You can also download Rakuten mobile app here: https://www.rakuten.com/mobile.htm

You can also leave your phone number in the Rakuten Mobile Apps section and receive a text with a download link for the Rakuten app.

Rakuten affiliate program

All Rakuten cashback service users can earn $25 for every new user they bring in once that user has accumulated over $25 of cashback.

To invite friends copy the referral link in your Rakuten account and share it on social media, blogs, forums or by email.

Every person that follows your link to Rakuten.com and signs up will become your referral and as soon as they have accumulated $25 or more you will receive a $25 bonus to your Rakuten account.

NOTE: Rakuten affiliate program terms and conditions change once in a while, and you can always look up the most recent changes in the Refer & Earn section.

To copy the referral link for a friend or make a repost on social media, go to Refer & Earn $25+ (in the top right of the webpage).

You can also often see interesting promo offers to attract new clients to Rakuten.com in the Refer & Earn $25+ section. Read the terms and conditions of each offer in the bottom of the page.

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Rakuten Site Traffic

Official Website: https://rakuten.com

According to Internet analytics services, Rakuten was founded in 1997, the number of employees is from 10K , it is headquartered in JP, Tamagawa, annual revenue is $1B , the company belongs to the eCommerce & Shopping > Coupons and Rebates.

As of September 2022, the Rakuten website is visited by 80M users per month, each of whom on average views 2.53 pages and spends about 00:02:09 minutes on the site. At the same time, the bounce rate (quick exit from the site) is 56.87%.

https://rakuten.com website ranks 723th in the world in terms of traffic, 495th in the USA and 4th in the USA in the eCommerce & Shopping > Coupons and Rebates category.

Compared to last month, the number of site visitors rised by 1.83%.

Cash Back site Rakuten is most popular in the United States of America, attracting 47.88% of visitors from this country. It has its second largest number of users in Japan (30.53%), third – in France, French Republic (16.20%).

Rakuten receives the largest number of visitors from direct visits (58.23%) and search (9.90%), the smallest from social networks (0.45%).

Traffic from search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Bing, AOL and others) consists of organic (74.54%) and paid (25.46%).

The most popular search keywords are rakuten (20.38%), ebates (1.59%), priceminister (0.73%), rakuten mon compte (0.44%) and rakuten login (0.23%).

Who Visits Rakuten Website

Among the visitors of Rakuten 52.60% are male and 47.40% are female. The largest age group of visitors is 25-34 years old, the second largest is 35-44 years old, the third is 18-24 years old.

Interests of Rakuten Portal's Audience

Rakuten visitors are interested in Lifestyle > Fashion and Apparel, Computers Electronics and Technology > Other Computers Electronics and Technology, Finance > Banking Credit and Lending, News & Media Publishers, and also visit the following sites:

  • paypal.com
  • amazon.com
  • facebook.com
  • etsy.com
  • ebay.com

The main topics of audience interests are shopping, news, online, travel and health.

Websites like Rakuten

Top competitor of Rakuten is amazon.com (3B monthly visits). Other similar sites are ebay.com (753M), walmart.com (423M), amazon.fr (184M), cdiscount.com (41M), groupon.com (31M), ebay.fr (29M) and retailmenot.com (20M).

Rakuten Rating

TrustScore 1 out of 54.1Reviews 2059020,590

Last Rakuten Reviews from Trustpilot

Maysouk souhad
Du vol ne recommande pas pour vendre

Bonjour Alors je suis très déçu et ne recommande pas du tout ce site pour une vente.J’ai vendu un livre 15euros et en plus 9euros de frais de port (qui devaient être remboursés soit disant) après un mois d attente on me dit qu’on me remboursera 3€ de frais de port et qu ils prennent une commission sur le livre donc je récupère 10€ sur ma vente . Au final tout cela pour gagner 4€. Autant vendre sur le bon coin ou autres.

Remise de 10 euros grâce au code 👉 N6D0D8F2

Je recommande vivement.Remise de 10 euros sur votre première commande en entrant ce code dans la case code réduction sur la page de paiement : 👉 N6D0D8F2 . Essayez, ça marche ! ‎👍Il faut s'inscrire au Club R (programme de fidélité, entièrement gratuit) avant de passer commande pour en profiter.Code à renseigner: 👉 N6D0D8F2

Anne Sophie Ta
A fuir, aucun SAV, non respect des engagements

Non respect des vendeurs sur les délais indiqués sur le site (délais de deux semaines voire un mois ou plus au lieu de 2-3 jours indiqués) sur les commandes que j'ai effectué. J'avais un problème sur le téléphone acheté (reconditionné au lieu d'un neuf), Rakuten a toujours répondu de manière évasive en me laissant gérer le problème avec le fournisseur, après relance car pas de réponse après 1 semaine... Le fournisseur étant de mauvaise fois aucun moyen de recours. SAV existant mais vraiment inutile... Je déconseille vraiment

1 étoile quart pas le choix

1 étoile quart pas le choix ! J ai acheté un téléphone portable en novembre 21 il était défectueux je l'ai renvoyé en accusé de réception début février 22 après des dizaines de réclamation ont ai fin septembre et mon téléphone ne ai toujours pas réparé y savent que me dire qu'il ont demandé à accélérer la réparation ! Ont marche sur la tête le vendeur ivision n est pas sérieux et rakuten idem quart je les ai contacté par téléphone et il ont rien fait de plus ! Site a vraiment éviter

Jean-Louis Roux
NUL de chez NUL .Ce site est une…

NUL de chez NUL .Ce site est une arnaque et salie la "toile internet". Je ne commande plus sur des sites de ce type.J 'ai acheté un portable neuf en avril( delai de 3 jours annoncé et finalement 3 semaines!), il s 'est avéré qu'il était défectueux. Je les retournais 2 jours aprés l 'avoir reçu en recommandé avec AR et ensuite plus de nouvelles, j 'ai échangé des dizaines de courriers avec eux, Rakuten fait des réponses évasives en s' appuyant sur ses fournisseurs. Heureusement que j 'ai fait le paiement par Paypal. je suis bon client chez eux et paypal m 'a remboursé 6 mois plus tard. Merci à paypal. Autrement je perdais plus de 400 €.

Jean Rambourg
pas de remboursement chez rakuten

aucune réponse ,dès qu'il s'agit de remboursement ,ils laissent les acheteurs dans l'embarras et font trainer jusqu'a l'abandon du client ,service de pietre qualité si on peut parler de service ;a fuir absolument

bob sing
Yo Momma Got Deez Nuts, Laura

This website is trash. Laura is a bum who didn't help me whatsoever. Screw Laura! Never ever go to this website ever again and never talk to Laura ever again. Screw Laura and Screw this company. It is a scam. Do not use this website

Achat Smartphone S21 Rakuten vendeur eagles

Bonjour, j'ai acheté un Samsung S21 neuf (destiné au marchée européen ou international) chez eagles le 24/08. Tel recu le 01/09/2022.Aprés configuration, je m'aperçois que la réception est quasi nulle et que le tel est prévu pour le marché coréen, donc pleins d'applis préinstallé en coréen.Nous sommes le 20/09 et depuis le 09/09/2022, pas de retour de rakuten sur ma réclamation.Le 21/09/2022, Rakuten me signale que ma récmamation est injustifié !!!!??Merci à Rakuten, service client nul, site à fuir, vive AmazonDestiné à ceux que ça intéressent :)

service clients parfait!

service clients parfait!! commande (produit défectueux) remboursée dans la semaine!! BRAVO

Adam Sebbar
Commission abusive sur les ventes

Bonjour,Le site prélève une commission énorme sur les ventes. 4,25 euros pour un livre que l'acheteur a payé 15 euros. Le problème est qu'ils ne font rien, les liens pour les contacter ne sont pas actifs, et pour les joindre, accrochez vous, car pas de mail. C'est une vraie arnaque, à fuir.

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