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About Dell

Dell is an American technology company that develops, sells repairs and maintains dell computers, as well as related products and services, and is owned by its parent company Dell Technologies.

Dell sells dell personal computers dell servers, storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, high-definition TVs, cameras, printers and electronics from other manufacturers. Dell is known for the way it manages its supply chain and e-commerce. This includes selling directly to customers and providing the PCs the customers need. Dell was a purely hardware supplier until 2009, when it acquired Perot Systems. Then Dell entered the IT services market. The company has expanded storage and networking systems, now aiming to move from offering only dell computers to providing a wide range of technologies for corporate customers.

A Texas company founded in 1984 in Austin by Michael Saul Dell, who was a very ordinary child and grew up in the family of a dental technician. He started his career quite early by selling magazine subscriptions. Dell received its recognition mainly because of its unique portable computers. While studying at the university, Michael Dell analyzed the need for computers on the market. One of the developing companies at that time was IBM, which sold its computers through intermediaries. Michael Dell understood that the IBM model was quite simple. However, in addition to the fact that people couldn't choose the necessary computer configuration themselves, they also had to pay about 40% extra. Therefore, without thinking twice, he turned his small dorm room into a real workshop. He purchased goods remaining in warehouses. By placing ads in a local newspaper, he received orders for configuration of computers directly from the customers. And sold them at a price below the market by 15%.

In 1985, Michael Dell decided to stop trading IBM computers and create his own brand of equipment. This led to a number of changes: he started purchasing new specialized equipment and hiring highly qualified specialists. The costs paid off, and the company continued its rapid development and expansion in the market.
Since the launch of its first PC on the computer equipment market in 1986, Dell has continued to adhere to the unified development of its industry, announcing promising computer innovations for the home, small businesses and large companies.
Today, Dell's main products are computers, Internet tablets, and dell laptops. The corporation became widely known for the production of models for business customers. Business people, who are constantly on the move, were among the first to appreciate the advantages of portable dell computers. The model range for such buyers is represented by the Latitude and Vostro series.

Dell Financial Results

In fiscal year 2022, Dell Technologies received record revenue — it exceeded $100 billion for the first time and reached $101.2 billion. In comparison with the 2021 reporting year, the company's sales increased by 17%.

The largest driver of Dell's revenue growth was computers supplied to businesses. With them, the American IT corporation earned $45.58 billion for the 12-month period closed on January 28, 2022 calendar year, which is 29% more than a year earlier. PC sales for consumers increased by 23% to $15.89 billion. The entire computer division brought Dell $61.46 billion in annual revenue (+27%).

Dell Technologies Inc. total revenue, net income and dynamics of change to date in the US dollar.

Seventh place in the world among ICT developers by revenue.
According to Synergy Research Group, the total revenue of the 13 largest manufacturers of software and ICT services for businesses, including telecom operators, in this market by the end of 2021 reached $613 billion, which is 10% more than a year earlier. Dell took seventh place on this list.

Advantages of Dell

Michael Dell has several principles that he laid the foundation for the entire company. They are:

  • Not using intermediaries
  • Not producing goods in advance (that is, refusal to create their own warehouses of manufactured products)
  • Respecting the client

The first two principles allowed Dell (and partly still allow it now) to keep prices as low as possible and be as flexible as possible; to respond promptly to changing consumer desires. And their focus on the customer has made many customers loyal.
In addition to these principles, it is worth noting Dell's desire to introduce the innovations their customers need. Dell focuses on the combination of new and efficient technologies with minimal costs, on the production of powerful computers at prices that are as modest as possible.

In addition, Dell cares about ecology; in particular, it was the first to offer customers free participation in the recycling program of decommissioned computers and components.

 Advantages of Dell Servers:

  • Reliability, according to Tier1 tests;
  • Dell tech support and maintenance. Warranty with on-site server installation service, round-the-clock Dell tech support and provision of full free documentation;
  • high quality components. All components are special server solutions that have the necessary certificates and undergo mandatory testing by the manufacturer;
  • hot swaps. The service is available for hard drives and power supplies. Moreover, this option is available even for entry-level servers;
  • Dell special options: remote online installation of updates for routines and BIOS, operating system upgrades, a significant amount of sensors for controlling parameters. Using Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), Lifestyle Controller, OpenManage Essentials technologies;
  • scalability. Dell’s hardware is standardized, and therefore has the ability to upgrade without compatibility problems for different models.

Dell Coupons and Promo Codes

Although Dell already offers many products at a significant discount, it's always nice to make an even better deal. There are various types of dell coupon codes 2022: dell coupon code student coupons for various categories of products, for example dell coupon monitor, dell coupon codes alienware, etc. You can also save money on purchases at Dell using dell promo codes 2022 — there are discount promo codes, promo codes for new customers, promo codes for receiving promotions and discounts, for example on dell laptop.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Purchase

Placing an Order From Cart

1. Add an item or several items to the cart on the dell store website. 

2. Check the quantity of each selected item. The quantity edit window allows you to use step buttons (+/-) or enter the desired number to change the quantity. The price will be adjusted automatically. 

3. You can easily view the full description of your products by clicking Show Full Specification or Show All Specifications. 

4. Calculate the estimated tax and shipping cost by selecting the desired shipping method and your ZIP code.

5. The Continue Shopping button allows you to return to the home page and the dell store pages. 

6. The improved Print view allows you to print an easy-to-read paper copy of your shopping cart with an improved print layout.

7. To place an order, click the green Place an Order button. This will take you to the secure verification screen.

Placing an order on one page allows you to quickly place an order.

1. In the Order Contact section, enter the necessary information. 

2. Fill in the necessary information for billing and delivery. Select an already completed billing address or add a new one. The search field provides a simple and intuitive address search.
(Please note: end-user trading partners or value-added resellers may be asked to make an additional choice)

3. Choose the delivery method. 

4. Select the payment method from the drop-down menu. Fill in the required information. 

5. Select Continue Securely.

6. On the Overview screen, we give you an opportunity to save your order information as an express payment profile for faster verification next time. Review the order information and make the necessary changes by clicking the Edit link. 

7. Click the green Order and Confirm Payment button to send the order to Dell.

8. On the Thank You screen, you will see a thank you message along with your Dell purchase identification number confirming the completion of the order.

Dell Track My Order

You will receive several order confirmation emails, which will contain information about the order status:

  • An order confirmation email notifying you that the order has been received by Dell.
  • An order confirmation email that includes the Dell order number, DPID number, confirmation of the final purchase price and the estimated shipping date.
  • An email notification of the shipment with detailed information about the delivery and confirmation that the order has been sent.

Dell Delivery

Contactless home delivery is possible: your safety is our top priority, and you can safely shop online.

When you complete the purchase, Dell will inform you of the estimated delivery date, which you can view in the order confirmation email or online.

How We Estimate the Delivery Time
Dell strives to be as accurate as possible when estimating delivery times. However, the actual delivery dates may be changed depending on a number of conditions, including:

  • The time it takes your payment to go through
  • Availability of goods in your order
  • Delivery method
  • Delivery provider
  • Plant location
  • Your delivery address
  • Holiday periods

If your order contains products and peripherals that do not belong to Dell (for example, Logitech® keyboards), these products will be delivered separately from the ordered Dell system or accessories. The estimated shipping and delivery dates for Dell begin after the order is confirmed. Your order will be confirmed upon receipt of payment by Dell.
For full information, see the Dell's Terms of sale.

In stock for fast delivery

In Stock products (Smart Selection) are ready for shipment and have features that many of our customers prefer. You will get everything you need in one purchase, as well as support services to maintain the health of your system.
Smart Selection Conditions

  • Delivery time for Smart Selection products is usually 2-3 business days (depending on stock availability) from the moment of order confirmation for delivery to Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga.
  • If your order contains both a Dell system and accessories, these products may be shipped separately.
  • Your Smart Selection order is subject to Dell's Standard Terms of Sale, which are available on request or on the dell.com/en-nz website.
  • If the Dell product you have selected is out of stock, we will deliver it to you directly from our manufacturing facility, and the estimated delivery time will be longer.
  • Due to the method of transportation we use to make the delivery as quick as possible, someone will have to be at the specified address to accept delivery, regardless of location.

Build to order

For custom-made products, Dell customizes them according to your specifications and provides you with a shipment date range, which is an approximate date range by which your order will be shipped from the factory.

Delivery of your product after it is shipped from the factory is usually carried out in the following terms:

Return of Goods

At Dell, we value our relationship with you and offer the opportunity to return most products purchased directly from us within 30 days of the invoice date. To start a refund, go to the Dell.com/OrderSupport website and select Request Refund Online. Please prepare your order number.

To return Dell products, you must contact dell support and obtain a return authorization number during the return period applicable to the product you want to return.

After Dell issues you a return authorization, you must send the product to Dell within ten (10) days. You must:

• Return all products you wish to return to Dell, at your discretion, the refund amount may be less than the invoice or the price of an individual part of the order, due to the package price or promotion or any discounts or costs associated with the return.

• Ship the item(s) at your own expense and ensure safe delivery or assume the risk of loss or damage during delivery.

• Return the goods in their original packaging, in like new condition, together with any storage devices, documentation or any other parts included in your original delivery.

• Upon receipt of the refund, Dell will provide a credit or refund of the purchase price paid minus shipping and handling, as well as any applicable inventory replacement fees.

NOTE 1. Before returning the product(s) to us, be sure to back up the data on the hard disk(s) and any other storage device(s) in the Product(s). Delete all confidential, proprietary and personal information, as well as removable storage devices such as floppy disks, CDs or computer cards. Dell is not responsible for any of your confidential or publicly available information, proprietary or personal; for loss or damage to data; or for damaged or lost removable storage devices.

NOTE 2. If the product was purchased through an authorized Dell distributor/reseller, the buyer is subject to the return policy of the relevant store or authorized distributor/reseller.

NOTE 3. If your purchase falls under a promotion offered by Dell that extends the return period for a particular product, the rights and obligations of return included in the promotion will apply to your purchase. In addition, the period specified in the rules of the specified promotion will coincide with the period specified in this Refund Policy, if applicable. If you do not comply with the rules of the promotion, the standard refund policy applies.

Dell reserves the right to refuse a refund in case of repeated refunds, violation of the Terms of Sale and/or the rules of the Dell promotion or other unacceptable actions.

Contact Information (postal address and phone, email)

Address: 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682, USA. 

Phone Number: +1 512 728 7800.

Email: [email protected]

Number of Employees: 145000. Established: February 1, 1984. 

Founder: Michael Dell.

  861 ViewsLast update: 2023-02-02 03:55:47

Covered Stores: 41122Monitored Reward Portals: 20

Dell Retailer Rating

TrustScore 1.3 out of 51.3Reviews 24432443

Last Dell Reviews from Trustpilot

Jeryl Cook
Qualify repair to OEM

Wow the reviews are so brutal....well my experience was opposite I sent it to them for repair and they refurbished my laptop to perfection. My only complaint is that I specifically said I cannot give them my password but they asked for it anyway to check things..other than that it was quick and the support person did a great job in keeping me informed.

Very happy with Dell Precision 3570

I am very happy with the laptop I purchased Dell Precision 3570 and all the hardware preferences I have chosen with the given 'built your own laptop' option. It is so silent, never gets warm and it handles perfectly the heavy files I have to deal with for my urban planning projects. It has a 16GB RAM and NVIDIA Graphic card which are the ones I would suggest for everyone who works in the field of Architecture. Also, the technical support they give is very good and quick! I highly recommend Dell!

Toujours satisfait !

Merci à Dell de proposer un des seuls écran 16/10 du marché ! J'utilise ce site régulièrement pour mes commandes de matériels informatiques et je n'ai jamais été déçu. Jamais de panne depuis des années d'utilisation et la livraison est toujours rapide. Je resterai donc fidèle à ce cette marque encore pour un moment !

I have a Dell Monitor U2518D and it's…

I have a Dell Monitor U2518D and it's amazing very smooth to work with graphic design

John T
Competitive price for Inspiron 5000

Competitive price for Inspiron 5000, delivered by expected date. Note that the tracking on Dell's site can be inaccurate - it showed the item as shipped, 1 day before UPS showed the label had even been printed; also, their Rewards points can only be used against big ticket items, which isn't made clear on the site. Hence my deduction of 1 star.

Ich habe meinen jetzigen DELL Laptop seit über 7 Jahre...

Ich habe meinen jetzigen DELL Laptop seit über 7 Jahre. Es ist bis jetzt nur 1 Problem mit dem Akku aufgetreten (Habe den Laptop immer an der Steckdose. Deswegen konnte ich ihn ohne gleichzeitigem Laden nicht mehr lange nutzen). DELL kann man eigentlich nur mit HP vergleichen, da die beiden Marken die meistverbreiteten sind. HP ist im Vergleich viel teurer als DELL, obwohl idente Bauteile verbaut sind. Natürlich wird es irgendwann langsam Zeit, einen Neuen zu kaufen... Mein nächster Laptop wird auch von DELL sein...

Southeast Hypnosis
Our daughter new laptop 💻 hinges were…

Our daughter new laptop 💻 hinges were broken. Dell customer service provided her with another laptop. We appreciated that they own up to their mistakes and provided us with the best possible care. Getting a refurbish and upgraded laptop 💻 was great. Her laptop was still under warranty and we are looking to extending it.

Excellent support

I have owned Dell computers for years and this is the first time I have had to call tech support. They listened and understood the troubleshooting I had already done and did not ask me to redo any of it. They resolved the problem in a short time, none of it wasted.

Cormac Wheeler
Dell has great customer service!

Dell has extremely nice customer service. I talked to an assistant named Rahul. I was immediately able to talk to an assistant who was kind patient, and helpful. If every place had service as nice as dell's, the world would already be a better place. After explaining my ideal specs, and budget, Rahul was able to not only provide it for lower than my budget, but provide a quote. I highly recommend shopping at dell.

Argiris Manolatos
Καλησπερα σας

Καλησπερα σας Θα ήθελα να σας ευχαριστήσω παρά πολύ για την υποστήριξη και την αμεσότητα που ειλικρινά δε το περίμενα. Ανταποκριθήκατε πέραν των προσδοκιών που είχα κάνοντας με να πιστεύω ότι είστε πολύ οργανωμένοι και ενδιαφέρεστε για τους πελάτες των προϊόντων σας. Ανέφερα μια βλάβη, με καλύψατε τεχνικά για το τι ανταλλακτικό χρειάζομαι και μου το αποστείλατε μέσα σε δυο μέρες! Ευχαριστώ θερμά

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