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Official Website: https://retailmenot.com

According to Internet analytics services, RetailMeNot, Inc. was founded in 2009, the number of employees is from 201 to 500 , it is headquartered in US, Austin, annual revenue is $200M-$500M, the company belongs to the eCommerce & Shopping > Coupons and Rebates.

As of February 2023, the RetailMeNot, Inc. website is visited by 22M users per month, each of whom on average views 2.64 pages and spends about 00:01:34 minutes on the site. At the same time, the bounce rate (quick exit from the site) is 40.33%.

https://retailmenot.com website ranks 2897th in the world in terms of traffic, 585th in the USA and 5th in the USA in the eCommerce & Shopping > Coupons and Rebates category.

Compared to last month, the number of site visitors rised by 8.71%.

Cash Back site RetailMeNot, Inc. is most popular in the United States of America, attracting 88.88% of visitors from this country. It has its second largest number of users in Canada (3.57%), third – in Australia (0.88%).

RetailMeNot, Inc. receives the largest number of visitors from direct visits (18.87%) and search (78.26%), the smallest from social networks (0.33%).

Traffic from search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Bing, AOL and others) consists of organic (96.72%) and paid (3.28%).

The most popular search keywords are retailmenot (159K), papa johns promo code (37K), papa johns coupons (25K), target promo code (24K) and walmart promo code (23K).

Who Visits RetailMeNot, Inc. Website

Among the visitors of RetailMeNot, Inc. 48.20% are male and 51.80% are female. The largest age group of visitors is 25-34 years old, the second largest is 35-44 years old, the third is 18-24 years old.

Interests of RetailMeNot, Inc. Portal's Audience

RetailMeNot, Inc. visitors are interested in Lifestyle > Fashion and Apparel, Computers Electronics and Technology > Other Computers Electronics and Technology, Finance > Banking Credit and Lending, News & Media Publishers, and also visit the following sites:

  • couponfollow.com
  • couponcabin.com
  • dontpayfull.com
  • coupons.cnet.com
  • coupons.cnn.com

The main topics of audience interests are shopping, news, clothing, fashion and online.

Websites like RetailMeNot, Inc.

Top competitor of RetailMeNot, Inc. is rakuten.com (84M monthly visits). Other similar sites are slickdeals.net (62M), groupon.com (27M), couponcabin.com (6M), couponfollow.com (6M), dealspotr.com (5M), couponbirds.com (5M) and offers.com (3M).

Retailmenot Rating

TrustScore 2 out of 52Reviews 101101

Last Retailmenot Reviews from Trustpilot

Marlene Suzuki
Unresponsive customer service

Their website and app are legit and I have gotten plenty of cash back. However I have tried reaching their support team and nobody ever replied. I simply want to know if, when clicking on the cash back link to go to a merchant’s website, if I have the app installed on my phone and it automatically opens up the merchant app after I click on that link, does RMN have the ability to track my app purchase? Or do I need to go to the company website? Since I’m not sure it will track it in the merchant app, I end up deleting the merchant app first so that I can complete my purchase on the merchant website, just in case there’s no merchant app tracking. I’m frustrated they don’t have this answer readily available and that nobody has answered me. One more small thing. When I’m in the app and I transfer my cash to PayPal, the “OK” button that appears after my money has been transferred either doesn’t respond to being pressed on, or a stupid captcha appears after that. It’s really annoying. Please fix this.

Allan “KillaBeeJeezus” Bruce
Absolute scam site

Absolute scam site - just an ad consolidator for (and owned by) merchants - similar to the fraud that is the BBB. I have "activated" my account for over three (3) years. In that time, I have made over $12,000 of purchases at "qualifying" merchants such as Lowes, AliExpress, Cabela's and many, many more. Not once have I received a rebate. In fact, just looked at my account and it only contains three entries from the last week. They also make the "prove it" process so complicated that no one would deal with it - especially having to upload receipts - from which they can extract information and then sell that to other scammers as another means of income...to themselves. I live in Texas, and this is just more proof that location and slick marketing = consumer fraud. I am taking down all these types of extensions.

Rose Conroy

My daughter is a nurse and needed new scrubs for Christmas. I selected a few on wearfigs.com and added them to my cart. When I was ready to to purchase, i entered the code from RETAILMENOT and was excited to see that all items were discounted by 20%. I then entered my personal information on the next page and then, suddenly, that code was no longer valid. I tried to enter it again, along with others from RETAILMENOT, and it errored out saying that codes cannot be used at this time. SCAM!!! I wonder if this is some plot to lure you in and hope consumers will continue with the purchase without the discount.

Used to be a trustworthy Cash-back site It’s painfully obvious that many things…

It’s painfully obvious that many things have really gotten bad over the last 2 years. Retailmenot is no exception. Been a pleased member forever but in the last week I’ve gotten hosed twice. Customer service didn’t bother to respond in 1 case and just “Passed the Buck” in the other case. Aside from the $55 in rewards I should have received…What’s most frustrating is the time wasted chasing answers afterwards and missed opportunities. Consumers could have used other Cashback sites if they would have known the offers were not going to be honored. It’s a shame that good things don’t last forever. I won’t be rolling the dice with them again for awhile. Response to your response; Of course I’ve reached out to Costco. Several times in fact. The point is that I should not have to waste my time as the “Go-Between’. Aggravating to receive yet another Pass the Buck reply. ** I still have not received any feedback on the other Sam’s Club 8% Cashback debacle…

Angela Hall
Used their link to sign up for Verizon…

Used their link to sign up for Verizon Wireless account. I opened up the account and was told I do not qualify for the $85 rebate. I read all of the stipulations and emailed them. I was told I did not make a purchase although it was nothing about making a purchase. It said when you open an account with Verizon. That is extremely deceptive. Topcashback offered the same offer and would have given me the rebate as it stated that you could bring your own device. No where on RetailMeNot agreement did it state that you had to make a purchase of a new device to get the promo. I have been a user of RetailMeNot for years and I am disappointed.

Received email that my cashback of…

Just now editing my review of Retailmenot.com and revising the initial one star to five stars. Contacted customer service again, and this time, they responded with investigating the matter further. They reinstated my account and awarded the cash back that had been promised earlier in emails sent to me. Great service ! Thank you for taking care of me.

Spend a lot of time to find a valid…

Spend a lot of time to find a valid coupon.

Tony Hayes
This is for their cashback system - GREAT

This is for their cashback system. Works great, and when I need help, customer service is very quick.

Mycroft Holmes
I didn't even subscribed.

I didn't even subscribed. They've combined my email as name.surname(at)company.domen from my github account. This is not my email but I can read their letters because I have an access to "lost" folder (i.e. all emails sent to illegal.address(at)company.domen). I consider their letters as spam. I unsubscribed but they still send their letters to the address they think is mine.

joel elliot
Scam. Fake advertisement

They started the Cashback a few years back and it rolled out fine but it seems now they take the money and find a reasons not to pay the customer their fair share. Here's a few things: the phone line they have for years, never gets answered. After you appeal, they still tell you the same thing, without any further explanation. Meanwhile, they are getting paid by the merchants and running away with the money. Coupons are terrible these days. Don't even bother. There are much better cashback portals out there that actually pay out like Rakuten, Befrugal and much more. Rtmn is a scam and everyone should stay away. They will reply to this acting all innocent...

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